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Friday, April 24, 2015


(Refers to Sri Krishna Bagavan)

A devotee by name Santhanaraman prostrated before Mahaperiava and told Him about himself, such as his name, ancestry etc.

Mahaperiava asked him, “ Aren’t you Navaneethachoran?”

Santhanaraman was taken aback!

“yes’---he said.

“Where are you now? What are you doing? How about your wife, children…..?”

“I live in Delhi, have a good job and my wife and children are fine!”

At this, Mahaperiava turned to His assistants and asked them, “Do you know his story?”

They replied in the negative. 

Then Periava started telling them his story.

Santhaanaraman is the only son of a well---to—do family. But parents were very thrifty. For meals, they had only rice, sambar and rasam and buttermilk.-----that used to be the daily menu.

The boy was only ten years old. When other boys of his age ate idli, dosai, bajji, vadai etc. he had to be satisfied with rice, sambar and buttermilk. He started craving for such ‘delicacies’.

He has to somehow fulfill this craving! He found out a way!

One day, he searched his father’s shirt pocket and found some coins. He just took one Anna ( equivalent to twelve paise of today), bought one vada from Ramu Iyer’s coffee club and ate!.

The next day, another one Anna and a bajji was gulped!

On the third day, he enjoyed a bonda.

His father got suspicious as the money in his pocket started disappearing!

One day he was caught red—handed!.

As was their practice, the family went to have dharsan of Mahaperiava.

The father complained to Him and told Him that he was afraid that this small theft might land the boy in big trouble in the future, and requested Periava to advise the boy suitably.

Periava just smiled and told the father, “ Even Bagavan Krishnan stole butter and milk, the Puranas tell us. Because of that He was even called by the name, “Navaneethachoran” Your son is a small boy after all. He also wants to satisfy his taste buds! This is not unusual. Ask your wife to make and give tasty items to your son. If your family were to be poor, then ,the boy could be advised not to steal and make his father worried. Now I need to advise you only! Now and then give him a few coins as pocket expense. He will not steal hereafter. In future, he will have a big job.”

Thus saying, Periava finished narrating the story of Santhanaraman.

Every body enjoyed the way Periava narrated the story with gestures by His hands and changing His voice now and then to suit the occasion!

Tears were rolling down the cheeks of Santhanaraman!

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