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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Deivam that saved my life

The Deivam that saved my life
devotee:...... P.K. Ramanathan, Chennai-24
author:....... P.K. Ramanathan, Chennai-24
compiler:..... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
source:....... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 2, pages 064-069
publisher:.... Vanathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)
type:......... book, Tamil 
translator.... saidevo

Since I was residing in Kanchipuram, I got PeriyavaaL's darshan daily.

Once an ArAdhana was performed on behalf of the MaTham. For some reason, the required number of vaidIkas could not be employed then for the purpose. Therefore, Sri PeriyavaaL nominated and made be partake the ArAdhana along with the other vaidIkas. After the bhojanam was done, he called and ordered me to do Gayatri Japam for a thousand counts on the next morning, as prAyachitta (for my ineligible participation). I complied with his orders.

udyoga nimittam (Because of my job) I was transferred as the head clerk of the Chingleput District Court. Thereafter, I could not have frequent darshan of Sri PeriyavaaL. Therefore, on the day of his holy nakShatram Anusham, I used to visit Kanchipuram, do triShati archanA to Sri Kamakshi Amman and submit the prasAdam to Sri PeriyavaaL and have my darshan.

Once when I went for his darshan, it was heavily crowded in SriMaTham. I was waiting outside. Sri PeriyavaaL suddenly ordered, "Call the SherAstAr" to the people standing near him. Some people called out, "SherAstAr, SherAstAr!" towards the crowd. Somebody took and made me stand before Sri PeriyavaaL and said, "There is no SherAstAr, only a Court head clerk is here." 

I told Sri PeriyavaaL, "I am not a SherAstAr, only a head clerk."

Sri PeriyavaaL said without giving up his point, "Why, can't you become a SherAstAr?"

I told him decidedly, "I have none of the required qualification. I have studied only up to the S.S.L.C. Many who have undergone the study of law through B.A.B.L., M.A.B.L. (courses) are there working under me. Based on my educational qualifications I have no eligibility, even to a small extent. Moreover, the man who is the District Judge now certainly won't recommend me. So I can never reach that position." Later, Sri PeriyavaaL gave me leave to return.

After a few days, some people came on inspection from the Chennai High Court. Impressed by my work, those people gave a report in confidence to the Hight Court Judge that I was the fittest person for the post of SherAstAr. A few days later, I received the orders for the SherAstAr post. It was a surprise to everyone, even a 'great thunder' (pEriDi) to the people who drank the 'virtual milk' (manappAl) that only they would be selected based on their educational qualifications.

Meantime, I went to Kanchipuram for the next Anusha NakShatram. When I placed Sri Kamakshi Amman prasAdam before Sri PeriyavaaL, raising and showing me his hand over his head, Sri PeriyavaaL asked, "Can be called SherAstAr now?" All my eight-span body thrilled in ecstasy, my eyes going snowy, except for worshiping that Deivam who ordered my promotion, I could not manage to say anything. "Only a Deivam would know the daiva saMkalpam", I realized on that day.

*** *** ***

I had asked for a loan from a Mudaliar in Kanchipuram, for my daughter's marriage. Agreeing to give me the loan, he had asked me to come at three o' clock in the afternoon on a specific day. Starting from Chingleput on that day, I proceeded to Kanchipuram to get the money. I thought to have darshan of Sri PeriyavaaL before that, so I went to SriMaTham (first). I got Sri PeriyavaaL's darshan only around two o' clock on that afternoon. Moreover, as never before, Sri PeriyavaaL started talking many subjects with me in vistAram (elaborately). Whereas for me, only the news of Mudaliar asking me to come at three o' clock was gnawing in mind. At length around five-thirty Sri PeriyavaaL gave me leave to quit the place. I reached Mudaliar's home walking and jogging along the way. I was anxious, fearing that perhaps Mudaliar would not give me the money since I had not kept the time. Still, I gently knocked at his door. Mudaliar himself opened the door saying, "vAnga, vAnga (come, come)!", welcoming me.

He said, "I had asked you to come at 3 o' clock. Since I too went out, (I was not at home and) I could return only now; moreover, until six o' clock today, the yogam is not proper. So I thought of asking you to come at 6 o' clock. You have on your own accord come at the right time! Since the good time has arrived, you receive the MONEY RIGHT NOW." Only then I got the flash as to why Sri PeriyavaaL gave me leave to quit after so much time.

*** *** ***

Once a High Court Judge from Chennai came on inspection to the Chingleput District Court. He would always have a lot of work awaiting his attention. So he would schedule his work meticulously and come over. Accordingly, he was to return early to Chennai. The Judge had planned to have only Sri PeriyavaaL's darshan on completion of the inspection, before he returned to Chennai. Making the necessary arrangments, I went with the Judge in his car to SriMaTham, Kanchipuram, and we had darshan of Sri PeriyavaaL. After conversing with the Judge, Sri PeriyavaaL ordered me to take the Judge around some big temples in Kanchipuram.

I was apprehensive to talk to the Judge. He wanted to get back immediately, but for me, I could not refuse to comply with Sri PeriyavaaL's orders. With great saMkocham (cowering) I told him about Sri PeriyavaaL's orders. As he agreed to it half-heartedly, I took him to some of the temples. After a delay of around two hours, the Judge started back for Chennai.

A strong wind with rain was blowing at that time. When we reached the highway, we saw workers removing a large tree that had fallen on the road. When inquired, they said that the tree fell down about one and a half hour back but they could manage to assemble workers and start getting it off the road only by then. Only then we understood the sUkShmam (subtle work) of Sri PeriyavaaL's orders.

Perhaps if we had ignored Sri PeriyavaaL's words, that tree could have falled right on our car. Even if it was not to be so, we could have got struck in the place for a long time without being able to continue our journey. The compassionate orders of Sri PeriyavaaL saved our lives on that day and I can never forget it.

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