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Friday, April 24, 2015

Blood Relations

Shri Amravaneshwaran was a close devotee of Mahaswamigal. He used to do all the sundry work at Kanchi Mutt. One day his friend's in-laws expressed their desire to have His darshan and he agreed to take them. Swamigal was in His mid nineties and used to give just an hour's darshan that time. People had queued and were walking by Him one by one. At that time Shri Amravaneshwaran happened to stand close to Him and heard Him remark to another person,

"I am unable to see clearly at all, I am getting old!".

To which that person replied in a nice sort of way that, "Yes, age is catching up with Swamigal', what to do."

People were moving on in the line. Then came the turn of Shri Amravaneshwaran's friend's in-laws. Swamigal looked at them and told Shri Amravaneshwaran to call back another couple who already had Darshan and were standing at a distance. They were brought to Him.

Swamigal looked at both the families and asked,

"How are you related to each other?"

Both the families blinked and said they have never met each other at all.

Then He asked Shri Amravaneshwaran to take both the families away and find out how they were related.

Shri Amravaneshwaran came to know that the family who were brought back were Chettiars. And his friend's family were Madhwas! Shri Amravaneshwaran was flabbergasted! How could there be a connection between the two families!

But Shri Amravaneshwaran was wise enough to quickly realize that as the words had come from The Sarveshwaran Himself, it was bound to be true and decided to pursue the matter deeper.

He asked them more questions in the next 30 minutes. His friend's family resided in Madras and the Chettiars in Coimbatore?! As he started to dig deeper and deeper it came to light that once the niece of his friend's in-laws was hospitalized in Madras. At the same time the Chettiars has come to Madras for a different reason. And it so happened that it was the Chettiars who had donated blood to this Madhwa girl. They were Blood Relations indeed!!! The families were stunned when this truth revealed itself.

Shri Amravaneshwaran came to Swamigal to apprise Him of the story.

That 'Old, Who-had-trouble-seeing' Sarveshwaran gently nodded His head and said, "Oh, appadiyaa, is that the matter!"

Without the trace of any excitement, and very calm and matter of fact was He. Like Dakshinamurthy Himself...

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