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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Live life happily .

Once a person is born he/ she is sure to die one day and that one day is unknown. Death never announces though for some it signals.
I have heard about death but I have seen it when my father's aunt died when she was very old, her mobility was a question and memory was a  lost  question.
 I always thought only old people die, but later the truth dawned on me. Death is like the sunshine even on everyone , no age caste, creed... something I know it's certain... and it's foolish to get attached to the materialistic world and do your duty and get the result to reach God. 
The fear of death itself kills many, in spite of knowing everyone has to die one day, the news becomes a sudden shock and everything comes to standstill, the mind refuses to accept the reality, we live in the world  created by us and to overcome the shock, we take time and find solace in time. The abrupt end puts us at a cross, but gradually accept it with the passage of time. 
The passing away of my appa taught me one thing -be humble and cherish the relationship that you have while living and never hurt others. Do not be upset with the outset of things. 
Life is to live happily, with  God sent people around , and live in reality. Be human .

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