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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Home Management Part 19

 A little baby powder in drawers and old furniture helps prevent furniture from building up moisture.

 Always use both hands when taking your pair of glasses /spectacles off or putting them on. 

Ants hate the smell of baby powder, so use it. They won't come.

Coating flower bulbs with a little powder will deter pests.

Cover the oil stain with baby powder, let it absorb the oil and then wash it.

Don’t be tempted to clean sand off your spectacles in the water.  Use bottled water to rinse .

Don’t leave your glasses in very hot places.

For greasy hair sprinkle some baby powder on your hands, run it through your scalp and let it sit for a bit before a shower.

Get scratches and scuffs out of your leather couches with shoe polish.
Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave. The steam will dissolve stuck-on stains.

Never leave your glasses with the lens-side down.

On a hot summer’s night, put some baby powder between the sheets. It will keep the bed cool.

Peeled apples, pears and potatoes won't blacken if you put them in cold, slightly   salty, water.

Putting some baby powder in your shoes to keep them fresh and odorless.

Putting your glasses on your head – the hair contains natural oils that stain the lenses and the angle causes the frame to stretch.

Restore your old sneakers with tooth paste.

Rub white chalk over the grease stain. It has powerful absorbing qualities.

Rubbing alcohol on acrylic paint on clothes will remove the stain.

Soak cutting boards in a mixture of bleach and water in the sink for at least an hour.

Soak paint brushes in vinegar for 30 minutes.

Soak tooth brushes in a vinegar or baking soda solution.

Sprinkle some baby powder into your gloves after you’re done with the dishes.

 To clean your hair brush use shampoo or dish washing detergent.

To get that cheesy gunk off your grater, grate a piece of raw potato along.

To prevent the squeaky friction pour baby powder on the floor and sweep it into the cracks.

To separate cards from the pack, sprinkle some baby powder and shake well.

Use a solution of water and diluted soap to clean your spectacles.

 Use baby shampoo and glycerine  to erase the rubber stamp mark.

  Use chalk to get grease stains.

Use Coca cola to get rid of the oil stains on the garage floor.

Wipe down the brass ware with half a lemon covered in salt.

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