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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Ever Grumbling Walk With Us.

Are you not tired of being with people - both men  and women-  who always grumble find 
fault with the drop  of a hat?

Recently I read that it is a kind of disease which catches one who keeps thinking of negative incidents, watch a lot of negatives on TV, and keep ruminating all negative things happened to them in their lives. They would find a way to co relate  some traits of the the negative characters with that of their contacts in their life .

Some yoga classes advice to totally boycott TV as it's a one way communication as a listener you cannot do any interaction and it's better to avoid the areas where you have no role play. Their agitated state of mind does not allow them to live now or in future, why, because they would like to go back to re live the unpleasant past and try to have self pity and  expect everyone to sympathize with them for ever! 

They need to have something to munch and what 

else than the past or something which you do not 

have control?

Neither can they be happy nor can they see someone happy.They like to complain, nitpick ,find fault as they are flawless. Given a chance bluff 

about their achievements,would not listen to others 

greatness, try to put down or cut down others, at 

the slightest displeasure  show remorse and anger to 

prove they are the boss of the house.

These type of people can never be  good listeners 

and they would like to listen to their own 


How much ever you explain to them ,they close their ears and eyes, it's like falling on deaf ears. It's difficult even for Lord Brahma to correct them. 

First they should come out of their 'chakravyugh 'status by engaging themselves in some activities, gardening, reading some spiritual books,  chanting slokas, listening to discourses, go for a long walk, meditate, some yoga for the mind body and soul.

Have some story telling session with the neighboring kids, coach  some basic maths, personality development, public speaking classes, conduct quizzes, teach some mental maths,  training some  specific sports and games ... and so on. It all depends on one's strengths and weaknesses.

If one is pious, can go to temples and help in temple  
related activities. If one finds suitable like minded people to engage in these activities, it's all the more a cake walk.

Ladies can add to these by conducting cookery classes, embroidery, knitting, tailoring, baking, sloka ,even baby sitting.

Worst comes men can take up cooking if they are not an expert and give a chance to the wife to grumble. 
 This would help them not to fall a prey to old age related  problems, and remain healthy and make others happy. 

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