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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why Is It So? Part 1

I have observing certain things happening at some places, with some people and would keep asking myself the question. 'Why is it so ?''
The result is they are all put forth here.
Why is only I keep thinking about it?
A previous incident has  fetched bitter memory so would like to apply a blanket opinion to all. Why is it so ?
Always approaches problems  with preconceived notion. Why is it so ?
Always expects others to say,' thank you', but never says to others the same.' 
 Why is it so ?
Any one volunteers to offer their car, it's a lottery for you and exploit to the maximum. Why is it so ?
At any given time tries to taunt those whom I do not like.  Why is it so ?
Cannot tolerate others praising some members in front of them. Why is it so ? 
Does not move a little finger to help others but  always expects big help from others in spite of being in an affordable position. Why is it so ?
Eats well outside but at home prepares less irrespective of the number of people.  Why is it so ?
Even before tasting anything compliments , saying, so nice, delicious etc . Why is it so ?
Even if your siblings do something wrong, you do not want to admit  but take sides favouring them.  Why is it so ?
Everyone cleans the house, toilets, kitchen why keep announcing about it every now and then. Why is it so ?
For the outside world, I pose  am a pauper but when I feel like flaunting   my richness, I would do so.  Why is it so ?
However good and well behaved a person is, if you do not like never ever try to befriend him/ her.Why is it so ?
I do not like others to treat me in  a particular way, but I do not mind treating them in that particular way. Why is it so ?
I know some trade secrets  but do not want to share with others for obvious reasons. At the  same time expect others to share with me. Why is it so ?
If I buy it's costly, if others buy  the value comes down. Why is it so ?
If I do it's a difficult task, if others do it it is an ordinary task. Why is it so ?
If I feel like helping I help . This is my  motto. Why is it so ?
 If I give any ideas, they have been tried out and failed, but if you give it's sure to be successful. 'Why is it so ?
If older people forget it's blown out of proportion, if it's by you, it's excusable. 'Why is it so ?
If prepared by wife however bad it is, keeps praising about the preparation. Why is it so? 
If someone pays the bill, keep hoarding things whether one wants it or not, same thing goes for eating out. Why is it so ?
If the daughter expresses her wish to stay alone with husband, likes it and if it's the daughter - in- law expresses the same she becomes an enemy. Why is it so ?
If the other person calls over the phone  keep talking and if it has to be the other way, say' I wanted to call you , but had no time'. And try to keep it KISS ( keep it short and sweet.)   Why is it so ?
If your kids study a course which is common it's special and if other kids do the same it's not worth mentioning.  Why is it so ?
My ideas are stale, and yours fresh . Why is it so ?
Never ventures out alone would like to climb on the other person (s) shoulder to get the things done. Why is it so ?
Out of jealousy keeps putting down a person. Why is it so ?
Some expect  from others all the time some appreciation or praise for nothing. Why is it so ?
Some keep bragging about themselves all the time,   Why is it so? 
Talking ill of your own siblings to outsiders, it's like spitting after lying down.   Why is it so ?
The punctuality is Indian Stretchable Time for some. 'Why is it so ? 
Today I would like to help , so that tomorrow he / she might come to my rescue. Why is it so ?
Tries to benefit from others by hook or crook. Why is it so ?
Unless any benefit is there never goes out of the way to help others, finds some selfish motive behind every task. Why is it so ?
When I do a mistake  I do not want it to be magnified but it is not so, I would like not only magnify but also see that it spreads like wild fire.  Why is it so ?

When you are reminded of something ,you say you have so many years experience, and if by chance you forget to act, you call it as too many things in your mind.  Why is it so ?

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