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Wednesday, March 12, 2014




It is true that there were characters in the epic who were more powerful and better fighters than Yudhishtira.
But Dharma, truthfulness, kindness, compassion etc., were his forte and no one could come anywhere near him.
He is the only Dharma jyothi in the whole epic.   He never expected any return from his straight forward behaviour.
Though he was only slightly elder to his brothers, he had to act responsibly as their father (in the absence of their father).
He always tried to avoid fights.    But when it became unavoidable, he also fought like a real hero.
He had earned his brothers' unalloyed love and respect.

Yes, he had a weakness for the game of dice.   
He considered that to refuse the game when offered would be against the kshatriya dharma.
While in the forest, Balarama who came to visit them along with Saatyaki offers to fight against the enemies and to enthrone him.
But he says the time is not yet ripe as he had given his word to remain in the forest for 12 years.
When the Gandharvas caught hold of Duryodhana and his wives came begging to Yudhishtira for help, he had no hesitation to help him.
He instructed Bhima and Arjuna to go and fight with the gandharvas although they were reluctant and assures them that when an outsider attacks a person of the family they should be united although they had differences.    When a surrendered person approaches for help, it is kshatriya dharma to protect, he believed.
This one act of forgetting all the injustices meted out to him and his brothers is sufficient to show his nobility.

When his brothers were dead near the pond without answering the questions of the yaksha, it was Yudhishtira who saved thema ll by answering all his questions.
When Krishna went to attempt for a sandhi to avoid the war, he instructs him to try his best to avoid the war and only when it becomes unavoidable, they would fight.
At the starting point of the war, he goes out and prostrates before Bhishma and Drona and seeks their blessings.
When they found Bhishma invincible, it was Yudhishtira who requests him to reveal the secret by which he could be won over.
When Drona was fighting fiercely, it was his words which made Drona to throw away the bow and arrows.

After the war, he was reluctant to accept the throne, but with compulsion from Bhishma etc., he accepts and looks after the old king Dhritarashtra etc with great love for 15 years.
On the way to Swarga when all his brothers die one by one, he refuses to take the vimaana sent for him to go without the dog which was accompanying him.
Pleased with this show of mercy, Devendra was so pleased and allows even the dog with him to the Heaven.
Without finding his brothers there, he prefers to go to hell and prefers to stay there only with his brothers.
Dharmadevata then accepts all of them in the heaven.

Now, let us see who was Dhuryodhana.


His name was SuyOdhana and it became DhuryOdhana because of his bad behaviour.
Yudhishtira was elder to him and was the son of the crowned king Paandu.
Being stronger and natural heir apparent, Duryodhana considered yudhishtira and his brothers as a threat for his claim to the throne.
He planned for their end in Vaaranaavat wax house.
After seeing the grandeur of the Rajasuya yaaga and the grand palace built by Maya for the Pandavas, he concluded that it would be impossible for him to compete with them without resorting to deceit.    He used all deceit to defeat Yudhishtira in the game of dice and insulted Droupadi in the open court.
Even while they were in the forest, he went there to further insult them when he was caught by the gandharvas.

When Krishna came for negotiation to avoid the war, he tried to tie him down which forced Krishna to show his remarkable vishvaroopa.
He insulted Bhishma during the war when he found that the desired success was not achieved easily.
When all others died, he entered Vaishampaayana lake to hide himself.

Compared to the liberal attitude of Yudhishtira, Dhuryodhana becomes dull by his selfishness, impatience intolerance and deceit.
They are two characters in contrast.

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