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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Use your Brain wisely ....

Story 1:

There was a country whose economy was totally dependent on agriculture. Suddenly, one year, the crop yields failed as rats invaded the fields and consumed a lion's share of the grains. The King declared a reward Rs.2/- per each rat caught, dead or alive. Next day, bag-fulls of dead and live rats arrived in the royal court yard and the rewards were claimed. Months went by.  Rat reward claims emptied the state treasury. The King thought that crop yields must have gone up as rats have been caught. However, the King observed that while the rat reward claims have sky-rocketed and eaten into the state coffers, crop yields have almost become zero. The King sent his minister to find out the truth. The Minister
returned back to the King and narrated that all agriculturists have turned into rat farmers now, as income from rat-catching is more lucrative than crop sale. Growing rats was found to be more beneficial.
The King realised that incentives never work. Instead,  agriculture should be encouraged by removing the impediments that cause hardship to farmers.

Moral A ruler should encourage sustaining a livelihood activity
              rather than luring away people from it by offering rewards.

Story 2:

A Mosquito squatted on a man's cheek. He slapped his cheek to kill it.
The Mosquito escaped. His cheek got reddened.The Mosquito again perched on the man's cheek and this time also it escaped the man's slap. This was repeated a number of times. The man became more resolute to kill it. He went after the mosquito all over his house and fell again and again in his bid to kill the insect. He got bruised all over his body and smashed all his belongings in the house.
The mosquito finally said, "Look. You punished yourself harshly while attempting to kill me. Instead, you should have clothed yourself properly to save your body from my sting."

Moral : Never go after insignificant pursuits. Instead take precautions to  keep the tiny irritations at bay.

Story 3:

A youth approached a Jeweler for a job. The Jeweler took the youngster to a hill nearby and spread a gunny sheet and advised the youngster to lie on the sheet. As soon as the youngster squatted on it the Jeweler packed the youngster. A giant monster eagle took the sack along with the youngster to the top of the hill. The youngster freed himself from the sack and looked down. The Jeweler shouted at the young man, "Throw the gems and precious stones lying there around, to me." The youngster did as told. The Jeweler started leaving the place after collecting the gems. The youngster shouted, "Master! How do I come down". 
The Jeweler shouted back, "Be there. You will know how to come". The youth waited. There was no sign of help.There were many bones and skeletons scattered around. The youngster understood his destiny and how the jeweler killed others who came to him for job.
The giant monster eagle flew back again to the youngster to have him for its food. The youngster smartly clung to the eagle's feet and the bird dropped the weighty youngster on the plains below. The youth went to the Jeweler again for job. The Jeweler asked the youth how he came back. The youth said, "There are many more precious gems atop the hill and we should go and collect them. You collect the gems by yourself this time and I shall tell you how to come back." Both went. This time the Jeweler squatted on the sack and was packed. The monster eagle took him to the hill top. The Jeweler freed himself and asked the young man, " I collected the gems, Tell me how to come back." The youth said, 'Wait. The eagle would bring you down." .This time the eagle did not want to lose its prey. It pierced into the Jeweler's flesh." The youth owned the Jeweler's shop forever.

Moral : Know the tricks of your trade fully. Otherwise, you may  fall into the pit you dug. 

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