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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chit Chat with my Ujji Gujji contd....

Ujji Gujji is a treat to watch, she after a week of attending play school understood that if she is woken up early, she has to go to her play school' Pitter Patter'. So one day after getting up she comfortably was lying on the bed not ready to get up, when I went and asked her,'why she was lying on the bed she said,'patti I want to sleep' she knows I love her and she was trying to find out out whether I would come to her rescue.Next when Sneha asked me to put her socks on for her , she coolly said, 'patti I want to stand, see the tricks, if she stands I can't put her socks!

Later she started to get ready on her own , 'patti I want to wear my school bag', bye patti etc....the only problem with her is she does not eat her snacks given to her from home.Initially she was observing her friends, she is a quiet girl and does not like naughty boys i.e those who scream and shout . She would pick up her toy phone and start speaking to her friends and her conversation would be like any adults. 

When she finds her father and thatha speaking loudly, says,' do not fight be friends!' If my servant talks slightly louder, she says, "sundari why are you shouting",If the TV volume is high she tells ,' thatha, too loud' .

Evening somehow without knowing the time she would come to know it's her thatha's returning time from office, so she would say, 'my grandpa's coming from office'.

When she hears Arjun locking his car, she would rush to hide, she likes him to find her out  and she would say to us, 'shh, shh , appa is coming ' and put her finger on her lips and would indirectly seal our lips also.

 Once after coming back from her school she was held up in the lift due to some technical snag an fortunately Arjun and Sneha were there with her and they might have spoken loudly to press the yellow button to buzz the alarm signal. From next time on wards, whenever I take her by the lift, she tells me, 'Patti do not press the yellow button,' and I could sense her fear of being caught in the dark lift. So I make it a point to hold her hands and carry my cellphone for the torch.Any slight disturbance in the lift gives her a scare and she says, 'yenakku bayam'. 

One day in the evening she told me,' patti come read books otherwise we'll play house and three wolves story' I was surprised by her using the word 'otherwise'. 

She loves to play on her own read on her own and sometimes asks me to sit with her especially when she wants to watch the Tamizh Rhymes CD, amma inge vaa vaa  

-- and she  tells me, 'patti you sit on the moda and watch,' she wants me to be by her side an she keeps asking me the meaning of the lyrics. Her favourites are karadi mama,., amma inge vaavaa., anilum aadum a aa vaam....,.she sings in the same tune and she keeps mentioning  the expressions on the characters' faces..

If she is in a good mood she takes my hands and says,' patti you feed me and I want to watch 'amma inge vaa,vaa' . 

We had a cow  named at my father's place Surabhi and she gave birth to a female calf named Narayani, I told her the pranks played by  the mom and daughter an she loves to listen to the story. Once I casually mentioned she is Narayani and I am Surabhi, but coolly she said she is the mother and I am the calf. So every night before going to bed she would come and rub her back against my back and say, 'good night Narayani' and I have to say 'Good night Surabhi'.This is a regular practice.  

Mostly during evening time she becomes Dipti Aunty- her teacher in play school and I become Anoushka, I have to do whatever she asks me to say and do mostly the nursery rhymes with actions.. If I sit instead of standing, she says ,' 'patti get up' ..

After playing she keeps singing and clears up the place ,,,,clean up, clean up ... it has become a routine and sometimes if she is moody she says, 'mama is angry ', why? 'Because I messy mess....'

When I call her 'sweetheart,' she says, ' patti, you don't say sweet heart, mamma say... no patti,no'  for her it's her mamma's way of calling and she does not want anyone to address her! 

Sometimes just like the we drop vessels or thngs and the thud  or the loud sound makes her say, mamma are you allright?' or patti is everything ok?' she is so much concerned about us.

 Whenever Arjun misses a bump or the upheaval road gives a jolt to the car, she who sits behind taps his shoulder and says, 'appa be careful appa'.

It was decided that Arjun and Sneha with Anoushka would go to Baroda to spend some time with Anjana's family for 15 days. As soon as I learnt about the trip I started showing her the photographs of people in Anjana's house, introducing them to her so that she becomes familiar with them once she goes there and does not  take time to adjust as all she has was 15 days time!She watched Jenicca's videos .. 

Packing started and the day before they had to leave, Anoushka was telling me,' patti I am leaving you and thatha to Baroda'and she understood she is going to miss me  so was hugging me, kissing me and rubbing her cheeks as she used to do for 'pyari pyar'. 
The day arrived and she was fast asleep at 4 am but as soon as she saw that all set to leave even in sleep she said,' bye thatha, bye patti' and was asking her amma to put her shoes on, all after being woken up from sleep!

Now she is in Baroda having a nice time with Jenicca and it seems both have bonded so much they are together in everything and like Juno's swans, ....Hope they continue to enjoi each other's company in the same way even after growing up. I really miss you Ujji Gujji, no one to say ' no patti, no' .

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