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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kid's Birthday Parties

Giving birth is neither easy nor bringing them up in today's world by the gen next. I have seen many youngsters struggling to bring up especially the latch-key moms with latch key kids .

They  are left with no options but to leave their kids with maids or creche. Due to lack of time , juggling between office work and house management ,they are left with little time to spare for their kids.Ultimately it leaves them to cope with the time in hand to pay attention to kids, their studies etc. 

Of late I have seen in many birthday parties all for kids within the range of 1 to 6 , least care is given for the  kids' menu , though the party is for kids!

Not even a ten % importance is given to the kids. The menu should be kids friendly and there  is no harm if the menu caters  to the adults also.

Most of them are pastas, pizzas, burgers, pastries, soft drinks with ice creams, starters like finger chips, bajjiyas, paneer pakodas, alu chips etc. Nothing is good for health even though there can be an argument saying it's once in a while.Parents do not have control over their tongues nor the kids, they eat whatever is prohibited in their daily menus attack as if there is no tomorrow. 

The difficult task is for the kids' parents who do not have time to be with their kids to see what is good for them to eat from the menu listed, so end up giving even a 11 months old baby the pastas, chips and old drinks.

Some kids might be still under medication for their cold and cough but are not ready to give up on the desserts esp the ice creams, even 2 year old kids are introduced to ice creams and pastries!
Whether the kids enjoy or not it's a ' no meal at home for parents specially the DIK couples! One day's sweating out in the kitchen is saved.But the responsibility of dropping and picking up the kids lies on them and at times it breaks their schedules and they have to go out of the way to do so or be at the mercy of friends which is still awkward!

The current trend of theme parties make the life miserable for some not -so- economically easy people. It pinches them when it comes to hosting their kids' parties .What type of gifts to buy, books, toys, puzzles, stationery items etc?

Lavishly money is spent and booked in a hall which would consume a month's salary and hosting the party during weekdays, cutting the cake at 9 pm and then the kids scurrying for food, OMG. Some responsible parents leave their kids at the party inform the peer friends of their kids and finish off their dinner at a nearby place or drop in at a friend's place a long pending due or complete shopping during that time.. how can they leave their kids at an unknown place where no one is there to attend to? 

The gifts which are given to kids do not carry any values except the purchasing capacity of the parents. Money is just carelessly thrown to purchase and the receiver does not know what to do with the gifts! One tension is how to pay back and next is how to pacify the other kid at home. It becomes a headache  even to think of the take away gifts for those kids who attend. 

Dressing up the kids for the parties with a fashionable dress ? I remember my neighbour with her 6 year old daughter was ready to attend a birthday party and it was winter time. The girl had spaghetti strap frock and one side shoulder button  was threatening to break off anytime and mother was not bothered and the other side she has made it up with a safety - pin, I pitying her told the girl to inform her mother to stitch the buttons and  then ,eave or go for an alternative dress to suit the occasion. The mother is a lazy one, and she did not bother to correct took the girl as it is with her. I pitied the girl and felt how a mother could be so indifferent, even though I know the girl child was an accidental one and it forced the mother to quit at the peak of her career.The mother herself told me she went into depression after the girl's birth that she lost interest in her up bringing.     

I remember ,though I have already mentioned in one of my posts my way of conducting Birthday parties were at home till my kids were in colleges, it was home made idli, sambhar, vada, chutney, gun powder, chips from the shop and self baked cakes,and rasna .No one was allowed to bring any gifts except hand made drawings on a piece of paper or charts, and a masti barhi evening with a light hearted fun filled evening. I was their teacher also but no restrictions, I left to themselves .

We make it a point to host my grand daughters birthday parties during week ends and it would be lunch time so that it is convenient for all kids to follow their routines, and it would not be taxing to the parents too. 

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