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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pink and Blue?

I do not understand the concept behind the pink and blue !
Recently I told my DIL to take the old dresses of my grand daughters' to her nephew, she said she cant as they are all in pink?
 I innocently asked , ' why'? She replied that the baby is a boy? 
This was something which made me think...

We never , I mean my generation never had to face or were following the western trend. We made the kids including the new born to 5,6 months common uni dresses and we never specified the colors nor the types.

But what I see is all girls are after birth given things , dresses in pink and they are not made to wear shirts or pants by some mothers, reason they may not be able to identify them as girls in the absence of girlish looks ? Is it so? The next thing is making the  2, to 9 month wear all matching from the color of the socks to the hair band and hair clips? Who sees whether the kids wear matching or mix and match? As it is the kids do not know anything about matching or colors and insisting on them wearing all matching accessories to the dresses even when they can't's................

I feel we have started following the western culture to a great extent that we fail to see our culture.
Our time any dresses of any color and any months it's one and the same.A boy has worn frocks and ill allowed to wear kajal in the eyes, bindi, even the jittu on his head for sometime, no one questioned nor teased at , then why this sudden trend?

 After the birth keep looking for blue or pink things, imagine if this is followed strictly how much the parents would be investing on the new color code and the earlier one lying useless?
Movies come out with men wearing pink, orange and red color dresses and here the newborn are prevented from wearing the girlish colors.
The baby market is flourished with separate counters for boys and girls, boosts them to go for it whatever the cost may be and how much ever holes it 's going to make in one's pocket.
God save these color blind people and make them to see sense.

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