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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Raising your child as a Hindu

"The Generation With Good Sanskars (Values) Is The Future Of Our World". 

To raise your child as a Hindu visit Developing the personality of a child means bringing about its  inner development .  

It does not merely mean  knowing virtues like honesty, punctuality, humility etc. in the child but also enhancing the existing ones. 

So great is our Bharatiya Sanskruti (culture) that  simply reading stories from it,  learning about its great statesmen, following the actions prescribed in its Scriptures with an attempt to imbibe those virtues, cause personality development in the true sense of the term Personality development is not merely at the physical, psychological and intellectual levels. 

It means going  beyond that,  to a higher level, the spiritual level. Spirituality alone  can give us the highest quality of happiness continuously which we call Anand (Bliss).  

That is precisely why it is arranged section wise, here.


Adi Shankaracharya
Practicing spirituality
The Farmer and the Tiger
The power of Sat
The three questions


The Archer Who Wanted Shrīkrushṇa's Disc (Sudarshan Chakra)

The Name of God is mightier than God Himself
Devotee Prahlad
The Name of God
A True Devotee
Lord Shiva and the old man
Shrikrushna and the Cowherd
The thief's reward
Arjun's Charioteer
Life of Lord Hanuman
Lakshman's love for Lord Ram
Lord Krushna's birth
The glory of God’s Name

Guru and Disciple

Devotion to the Guru

Favourite disciple
The brave disciple
Reward of obedience
A True Disciple
Power of surrender
A teacher’s final lesson
A few grains of rice
A test of faith


Intense spiritual practice

Caretaker of all creation
The Correct Perspective
Story of Saint Meerabai
One should never doubt a Saint-s behaviour
Does God Care
Protection from bad company
The merchant who never found God
The robbers who came to their senses in a Saint’s Company
Divine vision
Humility - a virtue needed for every seeker
The Saint who stopped a war and brought peace
The most blessed of all
Importance of faith
For Those Who Make The Effort Realize God
Saint Sakhu
Reward of faith
The childhood of H. H. Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj
18 baths a day
The value of concentration
The great disguise
The plentiful harvest of a single sugarcane stalk
Saint Namdev brings a cow to life
Surdas and the sweeper
God exists in His form
Saint Tulsidas and the thieves
The importance of any activity done for a good cause
All Saints are one
Saint Tulsidas
The robber who became a Saint


Shivaji's offering

Story of Siddharth
Obstacle is opportunity
A king and his minister
The king who gave the feast
Temporary Objects

Spiritual Practice

Presence of God

Beths secret of happiness
A young girls brilliant performance in a competition
The boy who learned to control his anger
How far is God’s abode?
God protects all who call out with faith
The Dhruva star
Faith of a child
The Power of the Name
Power of Satsang
It is more important what God thinks than what others think
How should one chant?
True Devotion
The power of Gods Name
The devotee barber, Sena
The importance of love (prīti)
Whom to worship
Chant before doing anything


How granny saved the village

I was the boy!
Send out your best and the best will come to you
Wishes of students
The bird that found freedom using its intellect
My door is always open for you
Jealousy brings ruin
Getting joy from small things
Anger is dangerous
God exists in every being
Importance of love (priti)
Love of truth
Seeing good points in others
The selfless priest
Shabari's berries
The priest who waited for God
God, the true guardian
The Worrying Couple
The cracked pot
The Tea Cup
Unity promotes strength
That time never comes
The quality of giving
Truth and courage
The Invisible Savior
I Am Third
How to Grow Good Corn
Rich and Poor
The thief became a holy man
Baking a Cake
A boy's faith
A room full of mirrors
The priest and the old lady
The rich woodcutter
Victory over fear
Glorious history of Hindus (Coming Soon…)

Parenting to develop civilized generation (Coming Soon…)

Holy verses and hymns (Coming soon..)

Child prodigy (Coming soon..)

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