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Friday, December 7, 2012

My Pencil Drawings done in early seventies

  Ours is an artistic family, my father was an excellent artist and I used to admire his drawings especially the one he used to draw on Pongal day,a Horses drawn chariot  for the Sun God .,my mother a 'sakalakallavalli' versatile, we ,the sisters have almost inherited their talents,.  Mostly we, the sisters would do the same , we learnt Fabric painting, embroidery  stitching, knitting, sewing in the Singer sewing  machine ( hand), painting on glass piece, the coconut tree leaf plank, on old HMV gramaphone records,, button work on cotton, copper wire wall hangers etc..

Our time we would get some Tamizh magazines like' Ananda Vikatan ,Kalki and Kumudam. There used to be short stories and some novels with the series . It was fun to see who gets to read the stories first and later we would discuss and try to predict what would be the events in the next week's chapter. The guessing game would unveil when we see  the portrait drawn by the artist for that week's chapter. 

Many artists had typical trademark way of sketching,  if one wants to see the modern way in those days it was Jayaraj, and very homely and cultured it was Maya, and for ancient historical characters, it was Maniam Selvam, for beautiful chubby and cherubic women it was Maruthi, for sharp features and good look it was Vinu..

When I started sketching I wanted to have a pen name so instead of" rubi' ( beautiful) I went for the name 'kurubi opposite of 'rubi' Later ' mathoo ' as my friends called me .By looking at the sketches one can make out the serial dramas and the costumes of early seventies .

 This was my drawing book in 1974, a book used by my elder sister and later went to my youngest brother from whom I flicked . 

   Actress Padmini in 'Vietnam veedu '

          from the 'Deepavali malar 'there used to be full page blow-up pictures 

Boatman Guhan taking Lord Ram and co .crossing the  river ..

My leader of hearts,late Indira Gandhi..

the shiv paravti was a sketch by Vinu and I tried Actress Padmini 

tried actress Devika on the bottom left..right Actor Shrikant

the bottom left was like  my elder sister Bhuvana  so calm beautiful and simple ...

some of Jayraj's 

the two extreme poles  -Cho and Karunanidhi 

From the serial   'Hotel Belvedere' 

short pallu was a fashion those days ..  

Maha Periyava .... Actor Nagesh 

I was told that  was spoiling Vivekanad by sketching the lady in two piece suit like Rambha, Urvashi and Menaka.


Madan's cartoons 

actor Shivkumar, and CID Sakuntala , Rajshree

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  1. Shambavi Chandru
    Dec 7 (1 day ago)

    to me
    dear Mathangi

    amazing to see that you have preserved your drawings! I remember you used to sign your sketches as "Kurubi"-what a name! Now I remember you would attempt drawing like Maruthi/G K Murthy/Maya/Vinu/Kalpana et al.. I suppose they were mainly from Kumudham/ Kalki and Kalaimagal. I don't think you ever attempted Jay... who used to be aasthaana artist for Anandha Vikatan. I feel the profile of the maiden in 'gogo' glasses is that of the heroine Kannukkiniyaal from the serial 'Sathya Vellam' in Kalki. The sketches of characters in western clothes I suppose are from the serial 'Hotel Belvedere' that amma had compiled in her days. The story is still vivid in my memory- it was my initiation into similar stories from Mills & Boon many years later...

    If I remember right, you had drawn Seetha Patti and Appusaamy too..Where are they?

    Thanks fro taking me down memory lane...
    Narayanamurty Aditham ...Good pencil sketches done long ago but worth keeping to refresh your memories once a while.
    V M Datta Datta

    to me
    Dear Mrs. Kumar

    I have gone thru the blog. I never knew you have such hidden talents. Great and congrats.

    Sumathi S
    11:56 AM (4 hours ago)
    to me
    fabulous!! never knew that there is a `hidden` talent in you..!!! hats off to you, for: 1.skectching so well,;2.preserving for so many decades and now for 3.publishing this and sharing with all...!!!
    looking forward to many more treasure...