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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shloka for non -violent and untimely death - durmaranam, akaala maranam

I was reading a book on the experiences one had with the Kanchi Mahaperiyava and in that the Mahaan tells a devotee to recite this sloka for an easy  and peaceful end. I wrote and looked for it in the net and giving you the same pl circulate this sloka, as in today's world it is essential to die without the accessorial diseases. A shloka to guard against durmaranam akaala maranam 

அநாயாசேன மரணம் 

 விநா தைன்யேன ஜீவனம் //

தேஹிமே க்ருபையா சம்போ 

த்வயி பக்திம் அசஞ்சலாம் //


anaayaasena  maranam

 vinaadainyena jivanam

 dehime kripaya shambho

tvayibhaktim achachalaam 

 you can click on the following link :

Grant me,  a wish ,O, Lord , to the devotee who has an unwavering bhakti in you  a death  without any trouble or pain, a life without any misery or poverty,

those who want to include their ishta devta can do so by replacing sambho with saastha, krishna, muruga and so on....

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