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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mad Rush for Gold

There is a saying in Tamil that says all that glitters is not gold,' minnuvadellaam ponnalla' .

I just can't digest the fact that why there is a mad rush for buying and accumulating gold when it can only be a dead asset. Moreover after reading the pulse of the mad people especially the ladies, the jewelers are making hay money while the fools brain sink. 

Most of the jewelers have come out with some grand heavy offers, no making charges,no extra charges for the  gem stones ..... etc to lure people to fall in their traps.

 People should wake up and think when the gold price is soaring day by day, how can the seller be at a loss? Is it feasible for him to lose something at this juncture? Do they know anything about the quality of the gems fitted in ornaments?

They do not think just a ' sale'  board is seen, then the rush starts for the ornaments.

The advertisements also plays a vital negative role in luring the people. Why should a father decorate his daughter with a lot of gold ornaments at the time of marriage? 

Why to put the pressure on the poor father? What is the groom going to do , a spineless, backless and a voiceless man to depend on his wife's gold to run his family? Can he not manage on his own? Though people can argue that it's only a security deposit for the girl, I do not consider that way. A girl can look beautiful in simple jewels or with artificial ones also. 

The ornaments, not a mere basic necklaces, chains, earrings , and bangles. They have started making for arms, ankles, so many toe rings, finger rings, hip belt etc. Do the bride really need them? Is it a show off wealth of the poor father?

To make it worse, the current disturbing news is the burglars looting the precious metals kept in the houses.
Which fool would keep the costly jewels at home and later when it's looted they shamelessly quote the amount in kg!
Why is it kept at home in the first place? Do they not have a locker to keep them safely?

As long as mad people are  going to buy and also dump them at home, the robbers burglary cannot be ruled out.
Nowadays , one can get so many artificial jewels in the market and I do not think when the ladies wear them on occasions, no one comes and tests the authenticity of the jewels. If it's bought as investment keep them in lockers but please do not wear and give a chance to robbers for quick exchange for money to buy some drinks. 

To top it all the film personalities-  both men and women pose for the advertisement and become the brand ambassadors!

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