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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chokhi Dhani Royal - Domlur, Bangalore .foodie.......

This is recently opened on the Koramangala inner- ring road, a Rajasthani  dhaba style, theme based Restaurant.  Out of curiosity we had dinner here, still I prefer Rajdhani  Restaurant in all respects. 

the entrance 

The ambiance is quite royal exactly like Rajasthan but the food was not as delicious and tasty as Rajdhani. 

the roof 

The cost is also slightly on the higher side,  lip -service is excellent with the servers attired in typical style address you as 'seth' and 'sethani'.

You have Rajasthani  handicrafts items , a woman to do your on the spot mehandi, a snake charmer, a jyotish/palmist  to read your kundli, a live orchestra entertains you while eating . 

the live orchestra 

As a starter you are served buttermilk and jeera water downstairs and there is ration as you can't have more and it's not served upstairs where the seating is done as per the state.
The menu did not have many items and hardly any variety unusual of any Rajasthani or Gujarati Restaurants , unless you ask for papad is not served a so also curd and rice.

live puppet show 

ground floor 

the entry to exit

There is no parking and one has to park on the side road or on the main road.

 Can try for a change. 

ambiance 3 / 5
food         2 / 5
service    2 /5 

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  1. Looks good man, really!!I wonder how come i have missed this place?Surely going to visit in the upcoming days..

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