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Friday, April 13, 2012


No one can make up for the mother, and God sent mothers as He can't be everywhere, so true. A mother is the one who shows the father to the child, from the baby's entry into the world, she is there like a rock supporting the child in all possible ways.

 I am gifted to have my mother so much  like a friend and she is there with us for all our cries and laughs.

A few days back I was planning to make "Tomato Thokku' Chutney for our use since the tomatoes were cheap .Somehow my daughter- in- law told me to make and send for my daughter who is in Baroda.

She loves and her in  -laws do not relish something sour and  khatta  so if at all she makes it's only a  cup of thokku.
I also thought about it and I had the airtight lid bottle ready to parcel. The first thing I did was to contact Maruti Couriers who are our regular carrier for the parcel between Baroda and Bangalore.

 We purchased 'Seedai' for my grand daughter Jenicca and 'thattai 'for her and Coconut burfi from AAB .

On Monday morning  the courier man came and collected the parcel and it reached her by noon on Wednesday.

My daughter Anjana called up to say that she had received the courier. She added that since two days she was planning to make tomato thokku, and first when she saw the bottle she assumed it could be the pulikaachal paste ( tamarind rice mix  ). She just took a spoon and tasted it, and said," Oh, ma, It was so tasty and my eyes were filled with tears!!! "

ஒருஸ்பூன் சாப்பிட்டேன் அவ்ளோதான் கண்ல  தண்ணி வந்துடுத்து.
  I asked her ,"why was it so pungent?"

('என்ன அவ்ளோ காரமா?

'இல்ல,இல்ல நான் அப்டியே இமோசனல் ஆயிட்டேன் )

She replied , it was because I was getting emotional "

 Then when I explained this to my daughter-in-law , she heard and said, amma, " whatever you say a mother's touch is mother's touch" . Iwas engrossed in making tea, suddenly when I turned around, I saw her eyes brimming with tears! She was holding Anoushka her daughter . I, to console her, gave her a big hug along with my granddaughter and said, 
"ujji gujji, ( this is how I call my granddaughter )  tell amma, paatti is there like her mom, amma can ask anything to her.".

my daughter-in-law lost her mom  three years back.

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  1. luckysangeetha

    Mother's touch

    very true mom is the only relationship where it can never be substituted.I know the value of mother very much since i lost my mother when i was six years::(



    Mother's touch

    I lost my mum a decade ago when I was still in college. I lost my dad too an year before my mum died.
    You remind me of my MIL.

    when some new people visit us/we go shopping/parlour/walking, they assume that she is my mum and they ask me, "for how long would ur mum stay here"

    More worse, they ask her, "does ur son-in-law treat you well"

    Imagine ppl calling her son as her son-in-law. she never says "no he is not my son-in-law but he is my son".

    Instead she tells , "what is there to take care of me!! Do they have to pick me up and carry me play with me in the park.. We all live under one roof and mistakes are bound to happen. We take things easy"

    She is such a lovable lady. She knew its tough to handle kids when we both go to work and kids have vacations. She took them to hyderabad with her and said, "book the tickets anytime you want, i shall get them back".

    There is no surprise if I say I miss her more than my kids. Yes I do!!.

    Default Re: Mother's touch

    That was a touching incident Mathangi.

    Nice to know your daughter-in-law thinks of you as mother.

    This is one of the two highest testimonies, a girl/woman can get in her life. Well that is just my opinion.
    The first is to have your mother-in-law say "I am glad you are my daughter-in-law" and the second for a daughter-in-law to tell, "I am glad you are my mother-in-law".

    From your article the message I am taking is - being a good mother to your own children is nothing great; it is after all a natural instinct.
    But being a good mother to other's children really takes something special. That person ought to be lauded.
    You deserve praise Mathangi.
    Thanks for sharing.