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Friday, April 13, 2012

Amusings Servants?

Servants are maids in heaven. Nowadays what they demand is the rule, though they do not have an open association or unions, they get the salary  they quote. 

Especially in NGV, the place where we reside. Fortunately My house is close to the main entrance, the campus stretches to a kilo meter on one side ditto with the other side.The servants jopad patti is just across the main gate.   

The distance from the gate decides the salary, as they feel by walking a few meters, they need to get paid more,the reason for them to demand is they could finish one chore at one house  by the time they go the distant blocks .

Most of them do not turn on Sundays if at all it's only one time that too for washing utensils, they either give the excuse of going to the Church or simply visiting people or feign  temporary illness.
A majority prefer Army people's houses because as it is they are provided with an orderly- a helper from the regiment and the load may not be more on them apart from getting free ration like eggs, bread, rice etc. Some women  are ready to go for low wages as the frequent parties get them their husband's share of 'hot drinks' and left over food.

With the onset of nuclear family , DIG ( double income group ) with kids or no kids (DIGWK-DIGWNK) and latch key homes, it has become a necessity to hire cooks and servants to do the basic house hold chores.

 My neighbour and I share the same lady for washing utensils . I keep doing the small utensils like  the steel glasses , small plates, spoons etc and in case of emergencies I never look upto her, it's either me or my daughter-in-law who keep the vessels for the next time cooking. 

Since I cook the rice and dal for the offering to God,the basic cookers (one Hawkins and Prestige) are kept ready the previous night itself and I am proud to say that I have 5 cookers of all capacity. 

The maid keeps comparing the amount of vessels I put for washing with my neighbours. My neighbour has two small school going kids and she keeps saying to my maid that I do not have any kids at home so it's not a problem for me to wash incase the maid is late or takes chutti. 
In fact my maid feels the other way ,as per her the neighbour is free from 8 am to 3 pm and she has a lot of time and she does not even wash a small spoon and her platform is widespread with utensils without even rinsing them once  and the smell is horrible.

 Another maid who mops and sweeps my place also has seen me doing small chores and she is frustrated as she also has to wash utensils of  a family where there are school going kids and by the time she goes to wash, the utensils of morning breakfast, lunch and previous day's dinner are piled up on the sink . In spite of repeated request to rinse once all the plates,spoons etc., the lady keeps stacking them and my maid finds it difficult to enter the kitchen and what to mention about the bad smell which comes from the unwashed dishes?

We at our house every member is concerned about the maid's family welfare, we asking them about the family members, their needs etc and when we feel like helping them we do so with full care.

More over , when they are sick or down with common ailments I give them OTC medicines and hot beverages and some food.
The leftover food is also equally divided between the two needy servants.

Both are looking for some change. Is it because I have pampered them by doing certain things or the other ladies are asking too much from the maids?

One more thing is their way of thinking in' catching ' the houses for chores, is with reason. According to them it'sbetter and beneficial for them to work in houses where the owners stay and their job is permanent. 

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