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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Girls a burden or a bouquet?

A girl is never welcomed with the heart, hand and head,in the eighties and nineties, it was rampant where girl babies never had the luck to see their day, their life after birth as dark as they were in the womb.It's either the father, or the paternal grandmother who plays the vital role in the killing of female babies.

Recent cases of two babies one in Bangalore and the other in New Delhi are the examples where the babies have been tortured to brutality and in spite of the experts' help to make them survive, they could not ...

Why don't men understand that it's their sperm which decides the gender of the foetus and it has nothing to do with the women. Is it her choice that she can just put her hands in a bag and pick and choose the choice of her husband?

Men should understand one thing whether it's a son or daughter it depends on how he or she is brought up as an asset or a liability by him.When he wants a woman as his mother and a wife why can't he welcome a daughter who might be a wife for someone like him? Can he not see the reason behind a girl child.? What has the baby done to get treated by a father that too in 3 months of life? Is it because the baby is helpless and he can show his supremacy as a husband -does the same with his wife - the so called  weaker sex?

It's in fact men are the weaker sex, who cannot manage themselves without a woman - mother or wife and in many cases where the husbands are drunkards, it's the wives who work selflessly to make both ends meet just for the sake of their children. Husbands can drink and indulge themselves out of selfishness, but the wives do not do so.

What can be done to equalize the sex-ratio?
 The government should do a lot to save the girls by announcing a number of schemes to them.From their birth, concession in getting their basic nutritious supplements , free admission in primary classes, free books, uniform,and an allowance for the parents if they have girl children.

Take the case of Aarushi Talwar, where the parents them self had killed their only daughter for the sake of honour- a honour killing? Which is more important, a daughter 's life or the family honour?
If they have not done the crime, why should the mother Nupur Talwar escape arrest?

We read so many killing for the sake family  honour, the irony is to safeguard the family name, they get into this brutal act  but by their brutal act, what are they trying to prove?Where is the " family honour"?

At the same time there should be severe punishment for the fathers, and blood relatives who kill  inhumanly the babies. No Human Rights Welfare Committees should interfere in the judgement, the ONLY punishment should be HANG IN PUBLIC.

What is done in Arab countries, the severe punishments meted out does not allow them to even think of committing such crimes.

Somewhere there should be a beginning and the sooner the BETTER!


  1. satchitananda

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    Mathangi, I really believe the Hammurabi principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth should be applied to this case. The man deserves to be skinned and flogged. I normally shudder at such punishments, but this crime is so indescribable in words, that I wish his head is battered in the same way as he did his 3 month old baby's. I read today that he was set on by other criminals in the jail where he is, but unfortunately, he has been moved to another ward (usually used for VIPs) to protect him from the others. A criminal who batters a baby has been moved for protection. Where is the justice in this?

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    i hope men should read this to understand their senses....

  2. You are right Swati, I also read the same and it's surprising to criminals who are lodged in the jail for committing crime could even think softly for the innocent baby's cruel death in the hands of the father.prison authorities are trying to protect him from the other inmates, but why? He should be made to face the same end like his daughter. It's strange the person who tortured his daughter is not allowed to be tortured?

  3. krish

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    Girls are definitely bouquets!

    While I am no sociologist I always believed that this problem stems from the basic flaw in the society; and this is caused not just by men but by women too.

    The government can only impose rules, but folks will always find a way around them.

    The habit of giving dowry is the basic reason why girls are considered a burden. Now there is a rule banning dowry; but still folks are giving a hard time in so many other ways for the brides families .

    The second reason in my mind is that the girl is expected to not to support her family after marriage. Isn't this unfair? The girl is brought up and given equal education by the parents, but to expect her to not support them in their twilight years is so heartless.

    There are other social mistreatment of women that, due to time constraint I am not penning here.
    So we, the society has to change our outlook first. And that should be done both by men and more so by women in particular (here I refer to all the mothers-in-law, current and prospective) ................