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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dining Table......, ?...!

We all know a dining table in a majority of the houses becomes more of multi-utility table than a dining table. The bigger the table, the most occupancy rate the higher.

Just look at your table and don't you think it's true?

I shamelessly say our table has  water filled bottles, spoon stand, glasses all the time. Why, infact I am typing this post placing the laptop on the table.

 When I was working as a teacher, and my children were students, most of the times, the students' notebooks and the red ink pens were on the table, unless and of course it's for a single person to have food, we always opted to sit on the floor and eat our lunch, dinner, and ofcourse it was obvious to have breakfast or tiffin on the laptop?

Who designed it I do not know, but it becomes handy mainly after coming from the shopping to keep the things on them. I remember my mother telling me," tablela pathu, yecha, adhu mela kondu vandhu idellaam vakkariye?" ( true brahminic way of saying not to mix anything with cook  food items that too on the table).Sometimes I keep, flowers, fruits, magazines, towels, fortunately everything and anything except footwear!

Recently I read that a majority of women tend to keep their handbags on the kitchen platform or on the dining table and the same bags have seen the toilets  to the floors of the malls , the bottom of the bag carrying the bacterias to the food items.
How many of us realise this?

Now added to this bag culture is the cell phone culture , it goes with its owner  from the palm to pocket to pantry to pottie chair?
Some houses I have seen everything from pickles to chutneys with the container kept on the table and ants also nicely taking a tour of sweets kept and the small mini mosquitoes hovering round the flower basket!

As per vasthu, only the oval is preferable and never a round table as one might get the digestive ailment circling in the abdomen.
Now check your table for the list .....

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