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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Foodie ............... Rajdhani Bangalore central

Every New Year we have lunch out in a good restaurant. We had already visited this on June 27 th on our wedding anniversary. I wanted to try Maiyaa in Jayanagar, since they have closed Gujarati food , Arjun suggested we go to the same Rajdhani. He has booked just in case they take advance booking, normally it's first come first served basis in Bangalore restaurants.

We set out at 12 and we were under the impression we would be on time but lo, a huge rush and people were waiting outside. Our problem was when Anoushka is free and had her breakfast we can move and she would go to sleep. So the time deadline was worrying us . Fortunately in 15 min time we could get a place suitable to keep her carrycot so that she dozes off comfortably.

There are  no words to express the delicious food, and since we all liked and were familiar with gujju fod, and taste, we really relished it to the final lick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When compared to the UB City Rajdhani, the price is half and tasty, the Mantri Square Rajdhani is rated third in taste and choice.

The items were typical only thing disappointing was the mutiya in Undhiyu was smaller and hardly one can see brinjals , more of papdi and thuver. 

The beeda was good to look at and it reminded me of a saying, " every house has many skeletons in the cupboard ,( like the inner varities of  stuff in a beeda)  but it all matters how it's presented and  (like the clove  / lavang which is pinned on the wrapping ) topped in appearance.

i.e in some families whatever boils within , it's never brought out or seen by others , overall presentations is important and essentials.

Today... 26 the Jan, 2013 We visited Rajdhani, Indra Nagar.

The quality and taste of the food items were good and felt homely food taste. 

Serving is poor , you have to keep on asking unlike the Bangalore central place .

Valet parking and non a/c

location opp Reliance digital on the main road. baby chair available 


  1. Mathangi,
    Nice write up on Rajdhani.

    Even I liked the one in EA(Chennai) but the long wait put me off.

  2. I wonder one can have this full??!!So nice and so many varieties of food.. My mouth started watering after seeing it literally..

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