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Friday, January 20, 2012

Cellphone stacking during lunch or dinner

A good idea for those who have the cell phone addiction to keep their hands free off for some time.But how many can do so?

 It's quite common to see 80  % of the public busy talking over the cell ireespective of what they are doing, driving, crossing the road, talking, waiting for the bus, before the pay bill counter at many places.

During lunch or dinner it's not good to pick up the phone to attend  a call, the callers can wait.., either tell them you are having dinner and call back or just do not lift. 

Oblivous of the person  waiting to serve you, you engage in a long chat and I wait like an ullu  for the chat to end?
Reading the SMS es at the dinner table, picking up to see... 

It is irritating to see the other person  picking up the phone to check, SMSes, attend the call etc while busy on a conversation with me ,  I feel I have become insignificant and vanished from the scene. Why should I feel so bad? If the call is important atleast tell me or hold the person explaining everything and make a SMS yaarr!
Next is gesturing you to excuse him/ her?

Especially while in a restaurant it eats up my nerves, when I see the adjacent customers talking loudly over phone. 

Coming to the title, I read today that in some countries they have decided to  stack the cell phones upside down on the centre of the table while dining out and the first one who yields to the temptation  foots the bill! 
How nice if it's followed here , something should also come for the same at home lunches and dinners. 
"Wav , What an idea sirji!"

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