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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walking style..

 Gait differs from person to person. Actually if you notice the hands do not go together while walking, if the left foot goes forward the right hand follows it, how many have noticed this? Imagine if one has to move simultaneously,  how funny and awkward it would look.

I have observed many times,  Ragav has the habit of moving any one hand and the other very close to the body with no movements , Kitty  moves both  as if trying to grab something, Athmanath the hands  will be close to the chest, Rakesh with one hand always in the pocket, Harish busy talking in his mind that he would not notice as he keeps moving his right hand constantly.

Though the hand movements remain the same, Manju keeps adjusting her dupatta quite often trying to put it back around her neck as it keeps changing position in her hurry walk, Savitri, her legs will go fast forward but she has to literally push her torso to the front complimenting her lower part,  Krutika, her right leg and right hand will make one rotation and then the left will follow straight.

Olivia has her mobile stuck to her left ear, Laila busy chatting and from distance if you see her gestures and smile , definitely you would mistake her for a lunatic. Parth would push his butt back and walk, while Jackie pumps his chest and walks . Gattu walks as if his ' aathi nahi ' has 'aagaye', and walks to get into loo fast.

Saravanan  walks like a wave taking along with him those who are close by, Harsha  walks with a bag in her hand and quite often keeps saying sorry with a smile ,she is nicknamed as hurry Harsha.

Anbnan makes a peculiar sound when he walks with his chappals , but it doesnot come when he walks with his shoes on.

Phani walks like she has only one foot because the sound comes only when she gives the pressure with her left foot, the same does not come with her right foot. Perhaps her left is  strong, right?

Balram walks so slowly that you feel like walking for him, and Manisha walks like the way they pray to walk in temples: [walking the adip pradakshinam ], here after keeping one foot, the next stride starts by keeping the heel above the toes of the first foot.
adip pradakshinam
Coming to kids, they jump and hop with one foot and then try and run with the other. Hands will be busy munching the Lays Packet or some chips , wafer packets.
I walk with my right shoulder slightly up and my left shoulder slightly droops. I consciously  try to move both my hands in rhythm.Those who are short take short steps and walk fast.

When I go with my husband for walk I agree to 'an unsigned pact' that he would ' keep in step' with me , considering his height he is always 5-6 steps ahead of me and sometimes people would think we have fought at home and so maintaining distance!

It's inspiring to see some walk so briskly, the enthu will be passed on to you, not only do they dress up well but also walk cheerfully with a smile on their faces. 

I know now you would start observing people whether what I have mentioned is true or not, why waiting, get up and start!

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