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Thursday, August 18, 2011

UID [ AADHAAR ] in Bangalore

Yesterday the CM of Karnataka Mr. D V Sadananda Gowda kicked off the UID campaign and we as usual were ready to reap the benefit .

The centres were published in the news paper and fortunately we had the National Games Village Indoor Stadium [ 8 am to 8 pm[ as one of the venues for the campaign. Being close by and free with no time restriction hanging over our heads, my husband , self went to fill the form and get the things done for the UID.

The icing on the cake is NIGHT CENTRES  Bangalore ONE center in NGV  Shopping Complex . [10 pm to 6 am] ] Superb and brilliant step on behalf of the government. 

 We went around 5 pm and took the UID Aadhaar Enrolment Application Form in English -[Kannada is also available.] Two persons  were there for the biometric procedure and two for form verification even though there were 6 more PCs for biometric procedure were there.

Started filling by giving the personal details like name DOB, complete address with pin code and post office,phone: land line  and cell numbers. 

There is a column for serial numbers

9.a I want to open  a Aadhaar enabled bank: YES (  )   NO  (   )
 9.b I want to link my existing Bank Account to Aadhaar : YES (  ) NO (  )

       If yes, Bank Name / Branch............................................ Account no:..................... 

10. I have no objection to the UIDAI sharing information provided by me to the UIDAI with agencies engaged in in delivery of welfare services.   YES(  ) NO (  ) 

in KYR 
you have  Have LPG connection ?YES (  ) NO (  ) / Gas Company............../ Distributor name....../ Consumer number.................

The officer who verifies the documents verified our Voter ID and  gas book with the recent gas refill bill and gave us a number for the day as per the order instead of a token . 

Our numbers were 56 and 61 and it was already 7 pm so we just requested the all in all manager whether we can come the next day s they were doing the procedure for the token numbers 27, 28. He agreed and said that we should come early as that day's people would also be there. 

WE planned and  my husband went first to get the number written and I joined him after half an hour. 

Today it is  well organized and the forms are  kept outside the room in the corridor on the table and people are to take the forms and fill them, and then stand in the queue for verification. As per the number they are  called and the procedure gets over in 10 minutes once you sit in front of the PC.
Go thro this site for getting the details of the procedure.

THis will give you a clear picture .
You must carry your Voter ID, PAN Card,for photo ID , bank pass book
SSLC or any authorised certificate for DOB and age proof.
Latest Gas refill receipt for those who have in their name.
Ration Card in original   [  if you have any ]

One  PC monitor is in front of the applicant and if one can read , can simultaneously check the personal details as and when it is typed or fed in the PC .
Then the Photograph of the applicant is taken.
 Biometric Scanning of Iris is done, followed by Biometric Scanning of Ten Fingerprints.

First they take the four fingers of left hand and then right hand. When you are asked to press , since you cannot see the monitor, [ you will be asked to stand ] you can check from the red and yellow lights that flicker from the  machine. If the red lights glow that means, the impressions are not clear, so press with force. If the yellow lights glow, the impressions are perfect.
 Then both the thumbs  impressions are taken. 
Once this is done , the personscans the application form ,Voter ID, PAN Card and the Gas refill receipt . 

One part of the scanned application is  cut and given as proof of having done and this should be preserved carefully to get the Card later.


 Whoever goes, please remember to collect whatever you give for scanning and it's better to put each one's ID proofs/ certificates in a transparent folder for easy access and collection. Double check once you lose them , it's difficult like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Be kind and polite to all those who are involved in the big job, even a small mistake on their part  due to our irritation or impatience can spoil their attempt!
This centre people arevery kind and well trained and courteous, I salute them. 

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