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Friday, August 19, 2011

Gen next Y

The recent ban on plastic covers by the Govt has brought a good change in people's mind. We have become so addicted to the plastic covers especially due to the big shops in Malls and the retailers, we need to adjust to the shopkeepers either charging us more or asking us to pay for the covers.

We, my generation used to carry cloth/ jute bags and baskets to shopping and even now we do the same ,my gen next is enjoying the environment. But with the malls and plastic varieties etc, the 2 nd gen next would have to suffer a lot.
I remember in cities like Bombay we had milk bottles with green , blue and red with white stripes  disposable covers and we exchanged them for the new bottles everyday so also the soda bottles.
That was recycling.. 

We had banana leaves and the banana flower cover as disposable plates , they were hygienic and easy to get as every house hold had a plant or could procure from the market cheap. 

We hardly had any malls or departmental stores so we would walk down to the shop to procure things and climbed the stairs ,if at all any need was there. There was no lifts, no generators. Even now one can see in old buildings the same steep steps on a narrow path.We used to draw water from the well or get water from the tap to our bathrooms and washed clothes outside our houses and dried on a cloth string with no machines to wash and dry. It was purely manual labour of bending or squatting on the floor to apply soap and bend down to rinse etc. 

All the cooking was done with hands and mortars, grinding stones and with coal and fire wood . Later the kerosene Janata stove replaced  and that too was overshadowed by LPG. The floor was the dining table and all irrespective of their age, were able to sit on the floor by folding their knees. The food was served by the ladies by bending to each one 's plate. The washing of utensils were never done in the kitchen and it was always out some where away from the main house. 

All the physical labour did not give us a chance to visit any gym or use the tread mill to cut down calories. The air we breathed was fresh Oxygen with un polluted atmosphere ,fresh farm fruits and vegetables.No sign of knee replacement, diabetes, renal failure, lung infection etc.

Packing food to school, picnic or journey was in a banana leaf or newspaper or in the steel tiffin carriers. Water was stored in brass / copper vessels and potable water in clay pots. At the time of travel it was carried in closed jugs or kettles.[ kooja ]The water had neither chlorine nor Bislery.There was no swine flu,H1N1, dengue, chikunguinia, etc.

People walked to nearby places, not many modes of transport and cycle was the Mercedes Benz car and people were healthy. Not many multi storey buildings and houses had green garden, roads with trees like an avenue.

New dresses were  only for occasions and mostly in a joint family it was hand-me-down... and no frequent visits to the malls.

The news from each family were exchanged thro the art of letter writing and the arrival of post man brought more happiness than the arrival of the spouses!

Family functions were tete-tete time for all  interacting  with all ages equally , more fun and frolic. Never had given an excuse for not attending any. Festivals really brought its own sanctity .

Each room had one switch board and one fan and one tube light, now the room switch board reminds of  a hospital support system with multi sockets pin plug....

Dinner time was a eat together time, and sharing of house hold work was the 'in' thing.
There were no tuition classes ,the concept was  the cousins helping each other.

Playing was outdoor games only, and bed time was by 10 at night, proud to say that we have seen both stars and the rising sun.

There was one radio  in the hall with the family elders listening to news and concerts. The bed sheets became pillow covers, curtains and mopping cloth.
Preserving and protecting the environment was done without anyone insisting or forcing and the benefits reaped by the gen next. What would happen to the next gen Y .


  1. Re: Gen next Y
    Posted by: shambavi2000
    On: 3rd September 2011 07:52 AM

    can't agree more! in the good old days, recycling was a habit and one lived in harmony with nature. We have moved 'away' from nature in the name of 'comfort'. It's a price we have paid for embracing modernity. While one can't be stubborn about clinging onto the ways of the past however good, we have to find a balance-or else one could be left behind as a 'relic'.

    yes, my bedroom switchboard too looks like an ICU board...

    1. Re: Gen next Y
      Posted by: blackbeauty84
      On: 12th January 2012 04:17 PM

      Loved this. Real capture of minute things happening at each household. Well written.
      Re: Gen next Y
      Posted by: Pallavi4me
      On: 13th January 2012 10:07 AM

      Liked reading it and brought the memories of of childhood

      and I can say we .. the 20-30 aged people of our generation are the witnessess and specimens of the change especially in India.

      And fewdays back have seen In Face book .. That the people born in 80's are the last generation for the following:

      For playing in streets,
      Lived without cellphones
      Rode on bicycles to school
      To listen songs in radio...

      Thanks for such a nice post