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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short stories from mails .........Relationships and Trees

Have you ever been to any orchard?

Did you notice, how these trees are planted?

There is always a gap between any two grown up trees. Every tree needs some space to grow properly. It needs the right amount of light, soil, water, mineral and loving hands of a farmer. When all these needs are being taken care of well then only the tree grows the way the farmer wants it to be.

Similarly, all relationships too need some space to grow. They also need right amount of all ingredients including love and affection to take a proper shape, any relationship is like the four pillars of a temple. They are together, but they cannot come very close to each other and if they do so, the walls of the temple would fall off, it would collapse, all relationships need a proper space to grow!

A tree is planted today but bears fruits only after a particular period, when it reaches maturity.
Similarly, our relationships also bear fruits at a later date. We shouldn't expect anything right from the beginning.
Big trees give shelter to all passersby without any expectations. And I have noticed that true, matured relationships too provide mental, emotional and physical shelter (support) to all.

Deeper the roots, stronger the hold of a tree. Similarly, deeper the understanding, stronger the relationship.
When the winds are blowing harsh, the trees sway in the direction of wind and only those who do so, survive. Others are uprooted. Similarly, there are occasions when we just need to overlook a few things, just let them go, just flow with the wind. Only such relationships pass the test of hard times and survive even in not so favorable conditions.

Relationships are like trees, if nurtured with utmost love and care, will bear sweet fruits of love, compassion, strong emotional bonding and care.

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