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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sandwiched Middle Class 2

It's the Middle class syndrome which is caught in the society like the 'fish bone ' caught in the throat where you can't spit in front of all and neither swallow it.

 In many ways the Upper class and lower class have their cakes and eat it too. 

From what I have seen when it comes to worry about the reaction of the society, they hardly give any importance to what the society would say or feel. They don't care a hoot for the reactions. But the case is not so for the sandwiched middle class. 

I quote from my personal contact with my servant maids. It is a curse that no lady who has a good and caring husband would be fit enough to work in my house, because I feel those who come to work are either deserted by the husbands or a drunk or a widow. 

Bindaas, they have no problem of revealing the other side of their husbands 'straying'  ways and have at one go said, "go" to him.
Kaash, the middle class could do the same, here it's kept a secret and the ladies prefer to wrap it under the carpet and keep it in the cupboards.  
We live for the society, puppets in the hands of the society, and dance to the tune of the society and die an unknown death in the end in the same society looking for identity!

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