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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Commodifying women

Surrogacy has invaded the lower middle class for want of funds and for improving their debt status.

Many of the wives with the husbands concent have opted to be give their womb 
'for rent'. It might have created a trend in the society like the kidney donation  in Villivaakam , a place in Chennai. You cannot find a house without a member with one kidney to pay off their debt.

Bangalore has become one of the busiest city and more ladies have volunteered to stand for the childless couples, in return for their gesture, they are paid in cash in full. But how far and how long is it going to be fruitful and what is the limit? 

Some of the women organizations feel it's become more of a commercial  market of buying the womb for a price and the mothers selling their wombs for the lure of money. 

Those who come forward come out voluntarily and no one forces them to do so. 
They feel why can't these women  be given employment to improve their status and standard of living?

Give a man, a fish, he will eat, where as teach him to fish, he can supply for his family!

1 comment:

  1. shakambari
    Re: Commodifying Women .
    Very thoughtful and concerned post,Mathangi...
    Wombs for hire is a new business oppurtunity for the needy ...they are ready to undergo the stress,pain and physical and emotional trauma-for some money! Just like an assignment.
    But how many times they can do this?Will it take a toll on their health?
    No one cares to educate them and they are also not ready to think about that -only immediate cash counts for them...
    Some NGOs should take up the matter...
    Best wishes...