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Thursday, August 25, 2011

From NASHUA to MT. Washington

 Here are the pictures to see some of the places in Nashua and the road to Mt. Washington. the caption courtesy, my daughter in law.
 July , 2008

Enter Nashua...

toll gate..

Pheasant Mall

 A Typical Sight on a Sunny Day: Bike & Boat


hit the road...

a drive up

And Begin our Drive to Mt. Washington

3 Miles to go...

Clouds Cast a Shadow

Little Left to Reach the Summit

A 1000 ft. More
Engine: "You wouldn't be this high if I didn't Chug you up"

at the height....of 5000 ft above sea level

We Begin our Descent

Ski Trails

It is just as Picturesque

A Pretty House on Ground Zero!

 No Guided Tours for the Professionals -  take the Auto Trail

Captivating Stillness

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