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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Verbal Diarrhea

Verbal diarrhea is the name given to  a person who keeps on talking without giving a chance to others in the conversation. I have seen some people who are fond of listening to their own 'sweet, melodious voice'.

If you have not come across one so far then you are unlucky, I would say!
For you have missed a chance of listening to a boring speech, the interesting way of them cutting your interference in between interrupting their lecture. At times you would keep wondering what is that they were blabbering for  long time.

I came to a conclusion that these type of people are poor listeners, and  feel they would do a good home work of by-hearting all that they need to speak and come and vomit as verbal diarrhea!

I know a family where all the members are equally the same type in fact you can either have 'passing the parcel' or 'Antakshari' with their own members, or worst comes a 'relay' , the funny part is how they try to cut the others while under conversation!

What is that is bugging them to talk non stop? Arre, cum -se -cum allow the other person to open the mouth , m mm hum  never. In the mean time If you have anything to add or contradict, it goes in the air and by the time they stop, it's deleted from your memory no chance  for ctrl z.

Next is, if you come to know that so and so is likely to visit ,be prepared to welcome them, w- hole  heartedly because you have no other option, it's better follow the policy  'if you can't beat them ,join them '

Once I had the blessings of God who made me escape because unfortunately this person had tooth ache! I can't express the amount of happiness I had , lo it was short lived!

In the two days stay, this person became alright so the second day I had so much to listen to with some discount and bonus added to the quota of the previous day!

Soon after the person left, aha I felt there was lull after the storm / tsunami ?
For two days I did not open my mouth with others or else I would be repeating what so and so said to me.

 A person talks to oneself [ talking loudly] as in Hamlet's 'to be or not to be' is called a SOLILOQUY , but if a person talks in front of others , not giving a chance to others can it be called OTHERLOQUY?

There is an art of conversation, where you give a chance to others to listen as well express, it can't be one person. The problem with these people is that they must feeling out of the box if they can't interrupt making others come to a conclusion that so and so is not knowledgeable, or that it could be if they allow others to take the baton, they might forget what they wanted to say. I may be wrong, but whatever I have mentioned is based on my experience.

Ordinary diarrhea has a cure but verbal diarrhea ...................?.....................!


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