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Friday, July 1, 2011

Clouds Fascination


I love nature at her best, esp rain, clouds ,empty sky and starry sky.

As children we had enough time and exposure to watch which even now I carry on with this. Clouds just fascinate me a lot. I can spend hours watching the clouds move around

One of my wish was to watch the clouds from the plane, fortunately once from Ahmadabad to Bangalore morning flight , I could enjoy being with them for almost two hours and OH, God, it was just flying above, over and in between them.

All around me was clouds, which I have seen in movies in the song and dance sequences, or in Purana religious movies when they want to show Heaven.

They look so chusiony with all shades of grey, white and cottony! An amazing sight! 

Literally I was on cloud umpteen!

When the plane goes thro the thick clouds the plane shakes quite a bit. An enjoyable journey.  If only I could break from the plane and touch them and come back, I could not take photos of them as by mistake they were kept in the bag!

I am happy that I settled in Bangalore, I get a lot of opportunity to watch clouds due to its above sea level . It's a all season place especially from April to August one can see the passing clouds so close. It is a wonderful sight to watch these clouds at night , the calm atmosphere and the dark background is a superb sight to admire.

One of those time I took some snaps  and video of passing clouds in June 2001, from the balcony which you can see are posted here.
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Many times we have traveled by train and its good to see the clouds in the horizon, they come along with us and I used to give shapes to them . In the beginning it may be an elephant's head slowly changing to a camels hump and so on. I have seen the bearded man, a lady with the pallu wrapped on her head, a rabbit's ears, a group of birds flying together. A few days back when I was talking to my sis Viji, about this post, she said she has also visualised the same while traveling by train. 

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