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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Impatience is one of the qualities in born with some , definitely  a person like me though I am premature born. 

It's a quality if these person's ordered were attended immediately at a younger child-hood days, other wise why should they be impatient?

Impatience in respect to delay is OK but not always. If anyone has to fetch you something, you should give some time for them to do so keeping their place and whether they are into some workor something.

Losing one's cool in hotel after ordering is normal , but there also you have to give them some time to bring as per the orders. Standing in a queue, queue not moving, , shop keeper taking time to bill, passengers taking time to move with their luggage while alighting or boarding the train etc are common and all do not work or act at the same pace, it depends on each individual and their type of work.

Some times I would wonder whether these type of people were born during emergency? All in order, control with a strict regiment!

Any how  I have come out with a beautiful story for them. 

After death all those are dead come to a common place and God says that whoever wants to go to Heaven or Hell will have to follow the queue to the respective places. On the right is Heaven and on the left is Hell.

My impatient person sees the  long queue to the heaven side, and typical of his nature, gets irritated and impatient and checks the Hell side queue and to his surprise there was no one , so opts for that and goes left so that he doesn't have to wait in the long queue!

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