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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Silence of Sacrifice?

 Venu's mother was keen that he gets married at the earliest but he was going on shelving it for reasons known to him. Finally his mother gave him an ultimatum and he had no other option but to say yes to her. The problem did not get solved here, because one of the condition which Venu put to his parents are that he would either marry a widow or a divorcee that too with a child remember not more than one ,it can be a boy or a girl!

 Now comes the head ache to them Without asking any reason they go ahead with the process of looking for girls . It was a great task for them to convince the parents, neighbours and friends about his decisio. People kept wondering and were all praise for his daring deed to seek a partner  of this type!

After all the bio data with photos came to his hands , he carefully went thro and picked up a girl , Preksha who is quite independent, working , has a brother, and parents well settled. Also as he wanted and expected has a two year old girl, she is a widow, her husband died in a road accident.

 Initially hos parents did not like his idea but fearing the repercussions of not agreeing to his wishes would mean he would leave them and go away.

Finally  they yielded  to his request, because he was born after fifteen years of their marriage and their only child.

 He arranged for a meeting with Preksha and told her  that he would be a good father to the child , Snigda. After three months of knowing her and meeting the child often  he went ahead with the simple marriage. 

 The marriage ceremony got over , everything went off smoothly, both the parties were happy and satisfied. 

*                    *                         *                      *                       *

 He called his parents one day ,after a week, for a detailed discussion  took time to talk to them  explain to them  and convinced them , a lot of heated arguments happened with each one blowing their top and giving their peace of mind etc.

All said and done they could not digest that his sudden turn would make them depressed for ever. How is that they could not share their son's worries, where have they failed and why is that their doting son has not confided in them his fears and feelings? They kept asking these questions to themselves and still they can't come to terms with what he said.

His words ,' 'I can't become a father anytime in this life because my injury to the  spinal cord, and  bladder had led to impotence by harming nerves.'' 'I can't blame anyone for the bike accident I met with five years ago, I have seen so many surgeons and there is no hope.'' 'So the best solution is to marry a girl with a child and give life.'  ' Both of you promise me that you will never ever reveal this to anyone. '' 'I will convince Preksha that I do not want another child and I will do Family planning operation may be in a month's time.''

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  1. Re: Silence of Sacrifice?
    Posted by: Sofea
    On: 13th July 2011 02:18 PM

    Good story Maam. But I just wished Venu had come clean with his condition with Preksha before marrying her. Just because she's a widow, doesn't mean she has no needs and desires. Venu should have informed her about his impotence rather than continuing with his lies and trying to show that he has made a sacrifice for Preksha.
    Just my :my2cents
    Re: Silence of Sacrifice?
    Posted by: Radhica
    On: 13th July 2011 02:18 PM

    A good story....I wonder how many such people are there in the world who accept their short comings and dont blame others for it...