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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The elephant in the room

I am talking about the dreaded word the big C , cancer. Recently I have lost some of my relatives to this illness, though one was along time patient, when he was about to be completely all right relapsed and became fatal.

The other two are diagnosed at a critical stage within a month gap of less than a year had to succumb to this dreaded illness. 

So much of physical and mental strain the patients have to undergo and put up a cheery look so that people around do not lose hope.

  One case was so sure of living for atleast two years and considering his age 80+ could withstand the chemo, and was cheerful, but the end took him without his knowledge, giving him least pain and fear of death.

The other could not live to see his 60 yrs just a few days closer to his end! It's pathetic for the near ones especially for the effort and hope with which they build up their faith and confidence. 

Why is that we come to know only at a later stage, or is it that doctors who attend do not want to disclose the word so give false hope and diagnosis!In the first case I mentioned the doctors attending  could have  [in Mumbai ]asked for a detailed investigation , but did not in spite of the reports produced. 

One after seeing thsi type of treatment loses faith in doctors, I agree that they can't do much but could have tried their best to be true?

No one would like to leave the person diagnosed with 'C' in distress, the family and friends give enough support in whatever possible way one could, the least they expect from the doctors is negligence or over looking.

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Inspite of knowing the truth we do not want to talk about it as the end is obvious. We would like to touch upon everything except the disease, why?

A thousand death occurs in a day of cancer, but we pretend as if nothing has happened or not worth mentioning about.  Nor do we have the courage to face the bitter real truth. 

One needs tremendous mental and physical strength to face it and come over it by overcoming the harsh realities of it like Lisa Ray, actresses Gautami and Lance Armstrong .

 if diagnosed earlier it has a cure and treatment, and we should hold no qualms to talk about it in public and instead of showing sympathy, we should help the person to muster enough courage to stand tall. 

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  1. Viji said,
    It is normally said as A PINK elephant in the room and she feels that those who visit the patient should say some soothing , comforting words to boost their morale instead of quoting some known cases' treatment and the end results. All may not take it in the right spirits and it may wound some and may not some. Those who visit should also know where to draw the line and not cross the limit.