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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mambalam VS Koramangala

"Hi, come let's go to Mambalam, it's a crowded place and we can have a big steal ,come on yaar."
"No, yaar, sorry, I am going to Bangalore with my grand parents and they say we can get more than Mambalam".
"Dey, nee eppavume ippadithaan, sari vidu "
"Hi Simbhu, what about you?"
"I am game come let's go " said Simbhu and Joined  Vembhu . 

Both part ways and they continue with their plan.
Simbhu and Vembhu as per the plan attacked people in Mambalam , a crowded place, with their sharp needle and showed their strength, among so many: atleast there would be some who would be thier victims and they never lost their daring spirit.

Here our rebel Neelu with Velu came to Bangalore and settled their score in Koramangala, again a very posh locality, of course here the lottery was a bigger steal. 

From what they spoke to each other it was clear the Koramangala party was something big class and a big deal whereas the Mambalam party was just a middle class.

*                           *                          *                               *
Industrialist Somdev was hospitalised with a sudden rise in temperature when he was addressing an Industrialist meeting.He was shivering and feeling very cold with his face becoming red. The doctors attending to him in Manipal advised a batteries of tests including CT scan and EEG, ECG etc.

His friends have made a beeline to enquire about his health, and his PS had a tough time in answering to one and all, finally the hospital  duty doctor called for a press meet to announce about Somdev's health.He was admitted in ICU special ward and enjoyed all the attention he was getting from the hospital staff and media.

Here, in  Chennai,  Agriculturalist Somappa felt a sudden rise in temperature and he just thought that it could be due to his visit to  Singara Chennai and this climate has not suited him so took Sukku kashayam from his wife and went on with his usual work not bothering about the fever.  Later when the fever did not come down he just went a mamuli clinic to get himself examined, there the doctor after charging  fifty rupees,gave him some anti biotic and paracetamol tablets.

He was asked to keep himself warm and drink warm water and not to go out till his fever came down. Somappa was in bed for 2 days after wards, he could not rest so resumed work but he was taking the medicines prescribed for 5 days without fail.

Both were attacked by the gang belonging to the same coterie, but their approach and technique was different.  This was brought to the notice of the  Minister and it became a news with the Headline saying,  
Industrialist Somdev attacked by the gang in Koramangala. This gang was once notorious  in Chennai, have shifted their place to Bangalore. 

The authorities are on the look out of the gang, their previous records are scrutinized by the officials, and it is promised that the culprits will be nabbed soon and booked .

This made  Velu and Neelu to shift their plan and execute a different one.

Later Velu and Neelu formed a committee  with Vembhu and Simbhu to work out a strategy on their loot.

After a two day conference, it was unanimously decided that they would attack only VIP's like Somdev because these gangs become the talk of the town and they get their footage everyday in the newspaper, rather than attacking 'chokras' and 'mamuli aadmi' like Somappa .

I hope  by this time you would have come to know that all along I was talking about the Mosquitoes of Mambalam and Koramangala.

The moral is as long as you are going to give importance to your fever or any ailment, the ailment will not leave you and go as they are getting a lot of attention as in the case of Somdev.

So, it's better to just ignore and take regular medicines and continue with your routine, but do not give up medicines and the more you are casual in approach, the disease would leave you out of frustration and go ,just like it did for Somappa.

After all Mosquitoes  suck our blood so what is wrong if they are like us? They also have Attention Seeking Syndrome!!!!


  1. Posted by: vidchakra
    On: 18th July 2011 10:09 PM

    That was a funny climax...
    Nice one!!!
    Re: Mambalam VS Koramangala
    Posted by: SuccessMinded

    On: 19th July 2011 02:21 AM

    that's true, whatever we give importance to - will happen.

    Re: Mambalam VS Koramangala
    Posted by: Padhmu

    On: 19th July 2011 03:06 AM

    thrilled to read and enjoy the climax.

  2. Re: Mambalam VS Koramangala
    Posted by: twinsmom
    On: 28th July 2011 05:39 AM

    you really had me scared there... I was thinking of so many other things.... the end was delightful.