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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adjustment Problem

I wanted to have an aquarium so what time better than my grand daughter's arrival so I purchased two gold fish with a small glass jar and it was kept in my son's room. It was his daily duty to give two granules each and change the water on Sundays and put 2 spoon rock salt.

We named them CHUNNU, MUNNU, because the shopkeeper said he does not know their gender! 

This was going 0n for 15 days and one fine day we saw one dead and it was floating, we never got time to replace the one and so the other one was enjoying the love and care from us.

Today since I had some work to go that side I explained to the aquarium fellow and got a companion and brought home as usual my son let it with the lonely one.
Within five minutes of the other one joining, the existing one started to chase the new entrant. We were petrified,and after waiting for some half an hour I rang up the shopkeeper and explained to him the situation.

He said these do not fight and true they might take an hour or so to ADJUST with each other!

I was having a nice laughter, because I thought only kids would have sibling rivalry.It's quite natural for the lonely child to get adjusted to the new one in the house or at play.

This is something news and strange! We thought that the fault was with us , we should not have left it alone almost for 5 weeks.


It's a lesson WE learnt, hope ILites would have something of this kind of experiences to share.

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