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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Saying Prayers..........

With the space restriction in every house, it has become a big question on ‘praying’.

For people belonging to my generation, it’s never been a problem to pray anywhere, it’s common to pray. The current gen ’y’ has a lot of questions and inhibitions in mind and will not pray. If at all it’s only during their struggles like exams and any job interview.
I do not say that they do not believe in god but feel shy to pray in front of others. But they would club it  as a short trip to temples and resorts. 

Praying can be done anywhere and whichever way one wants to do. Prayer is the talk one has with the supreme power. Each religion has a specific way of praying and everywhere the hands are used while praying. In some the heads bow down with closed eyes so that the ones who pray are not distracted easily. The mind doesn’t wander.

A simple prayer from the heart would suffice if one does not know to quote or chant from the Holy book. It can be a short prayer, or long but it should come from the heart. There is no specific place to pray even if we are in distress, while having bath or during ablutions, we cannot say that I should not pray in this place, it’s rather absurd to think so. 

Just pray from your heart, it should come like a stream bringing all your doubts, fears, and what is your concern and what you expect from God.

Prayer is the best healer for one and all, our prayer brings the positivity in oneself and surroundings, that’s the reason when one is low often say, ’visiting the temple or places of worship’ to lighten the heaviness in the mind. 

Christians make it a regular to go to churches on Sundays however busy they are, and Muslims are strict in their 6 times doing Namaaz, and other religious people also visit their places of worship like Hindus, but since Hindus have a lot of God, Goddesses they do not go to temples everyday, they prefer going there on special days, and even if they do not go, they do not feel bad because it’s an option. 

Question yourself when was the last time you went to temple to pray? Surprised?

There are more temples than any other places of worship in any given locality. 

Next time think and pray and pray not only for you but for your relatives, friends and the people of the world.

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