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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Healthy Food - ALMONDS -1

Pop Almonds for Diabetes 

As India grapples with a major public health problem, being home to an estimated 50.8 million diabetic population, the largest in the world, experts say "consuming a few almonds daily can help combat the lifestyle disease.

Eating almonds has a positive effect on reducing low density cholesterol and also improves insulin sensitivity; so it does help in pushing diabetes away.

It is a healthy source of fibre, protein and calories and has been found to have a positive effect in reducing bad cholesterol and improved insulin sensitivity.

Diabetes is caused when there is deficiency of insulin hormone, which controls blood sugar level. Its symptoms include fatigue, excessive thirst and frequent urination.

With India staring at a major public health threat due to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, almond is now being hailed as the health nut.

A handful of almonds contain 164 calories and 7 gm of protein, which helps in fighting hunger pangs and helps you control what you eat. 

Almonds also help growing children in developing strong bones,It's also very easy to consume, one can have it any time, so it merges well with the hectic lifestyle.

The indiscreet consumption of almonds alone will not help and it should be seen as a percentage of total calorie intakes.It is not that one can eat anything and pop five almonds. It has to be seen as a percentage of total calorie intakes. The rest of the diet is as important.

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