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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jenicca in Prayaan school

This post is the outcome of  what  I heard from my daughter about the first play school Jenicca attended. 

Prayaan Preschool

Rajaji once said," if you do not find a smile on a child's face, close the institution"
Prayaan Preschool is the one which has the attraction for toddlers and nursery kids, which make them make a beeline for admission. 

With its clear concepts and  objectives the school which was started three years is trying to do best for kids and the society.

The school provides a "homely ‘atmosphere for the kids to can play and work.
The activities like simple exercises of 'climbing on the slide' , running etc focus on their physical fitness. Children learn how to interact and communicate  with other children in  a society.They  indirectly learn to share and have good manners.

Prayaan provides a nurturing, fun environment for day care children. The school has  child-sized furniture and  game-equipments.Craft classes and outdoor play activities stimulate them under the protected wings of their 'care takers '.

On the whole it’s a fun learning experience where toddlers pick up their basic learning skills, which help them to be better, in their future education . Kids  creativity is unleashed,and encourage them through their speaking and drawing as well.

 If a school takes care of the  overall development of a child’s cognitive abilities, emotional expression and overall growth,the school would definitely come up in the society.

The play equipments would make any child to run forgetting its parents.

This is the first outing for my grand daughter Jenicca in Baroda. Though Jenicca did not make friends much, it gave a platform for her to come on stage to get rid of stage fear.

Jenicca joined in August, I think, initially she was reluctant but later got adjusted to going to the school ,rather a mother toddler place where her mother  was also going along with her and engaged her in the activities marked for their age group kids.

The school engaged kids  on theme based topics like, fancy dress, and Community Helpers' day , Sports day Father's Day, Grandparents' Day. .

I am proud Jenicca received the first prize for her' soldier' part in this event.

The exposure given to kids would definitely make them  good citizens!

<-- community helpers..........Jenicca receiving the prize.

Some of the senior kids on their outing


  1. from Shambavi Chandru

    Reminds me of "Bethel Luthran School" that Sukan attended at the age of 3, in Cupertino, california.It wasn't a parent-toddler school though. Children had to be toilet trained and independent in that routine too!

    There was a line of hooks for children to hang their jackets and a pigeon-holed shelf for children to place their art work and for teachers to drop notices in the individual holes.Inside the classroom all furniture pieces were downsized-one would think they dropped in at the seven dwarfs'! Even the toilet seat and washbasin and watercooler! There was a rabbit cage, a fish tank and a video player for children to watch their favourite shows. There were toys and dolls and books too. There was an outdoor pool for indulging in water sports (on designated days children would wear swimwear and indulge in drenching one and all with hosepipes!

    Each day they had some activity or the other-art, craft, carpentry (under supervision), stringing a necklace with beads,cherry picking on the ladder,handling a pet, know your fireman, postman,policeman, music, dance etc. Believe me, at some time all children want to be a fireman! There would be a snack break time when children have to set the table and serve themselves--tiny plates, a glass for water and another for juice, biscuits and cookies and jam and cheese or peanut butter spread and sprinklers to decorate as toppings, the works!

    The day ends with storytime-when a child chooses a story from any book and the teacher reads the story out as only a teacher can, with voice modulation and gestures,holding the children under her magic spell.Children choose their comfortable posture-some lying down on the carpet, hugging their favourite teddy, some leaning against the wall with legs stretched out like a grandma, some lying on their tummy,hands resting under the chin and so on...I would find sukan leaning on a cushion,sucking her thumb as she listened in rapt attention.

    The day I got to know Sukan would start playschool and be away for a couple of hours, I cried so much that I had fever that afternoon. The second day I took sukan in a pram to drop off at school-she couldn't wait to remove the safety belt and ran into the class towards the teacher-she turned just once, not to say 'bye maa' but to shoo me away-'nee po, nee po'.
    I never knew a school could be so much fun.

  2. Viji ,
    thanks for going thro' inspite of your hectic schedule.A nice write up and an emotional one,though it happened a long time back it's still fresh in your memory. Your narration made it come alive. I could guess your expressions live while reading it. It will give some ideas to the school also in many ways.