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Friday, July 1, 2011

2 +2 = 4 .

Chandra Sekhar and his wife came to consult Dr.Ragav , their family physician after a long time.
'Hello Ragav   how are you?'
'What a question to ask a doctor, anyhow fine, thank you and My humble apologies for not attending your 50 years of marriage anniversary sekhar.'
I understand but it was a great disappointment to both of us, what is a function without a long lasting friend?, But we know you were held up in the VIP murder case, so apology accepted. We are not going to leave you with this apology, you have to come to our house with Radhika and grand kids.'
Sure, sure, probably next week.
What was the gift Hemant and Shashank showered you both with?'
We told them not to but were not ready to listen to, so arranged for the function in a hotel. Morning only for family, they had a slide show of all the old photographs with some commentary by Anila and Lathika.Each one came and spoke  about both of us and the grand kids presented some cultural programme. Later they gave the gifts to us and we had to gift each other, she got a two studded diamond nose ring, and an i Phone for me.
OK now tell me what is the problem and who is sick,  I don't think you have any problem you sound normal, so the problem must be with Manju, am I right?'
Yes, there you are.'

Tell me Manju , I do not know all of a sudden, I statred having head ache especially when I go out of the house' .

'How long do you have this problem?'

Sekhar intervenes and says, 'after the celebration, even I thought it could be due to the hustle- bustle of the function and after effects, its past fifteen days and still she complains. There is no chance of eye sight because last month only we checked her vision with Dr Shetty and it's perfectly alright. '

'OK, before I diagnose anything let's wait and watch, first avoid going out in the sun, second  if at all you want to go prefer before 12 noon and after 5 , third drink enough water or juice so that you do not dehydrate,when you feel you are going to have the headache, take rest in a quiet atmosphere. No medicines come after a week for further investigation.'

They both leave after informal bye message.

* *                       **                             **                             **                    **
 The very same day Ragav came  home early and since it's unexpected there was no one in the house, so just switched on the TV and there was this ' Culture channel ' showing some ancient temples and its importance etc. When he was about to change the Channel the narrator was highlighting about the Kanyakumari temple and how it was originally a Light house for sailors of those days. There was no wall surrounding the deity Devi Kanyakumari , and the sparkle from her nose ring used to shine to such a distance at night that sailors would follow to reach the shore.
 This was enough for him to say 'BINGO', he immediately called shekar from his mobile . 'Ragav here, Arre, Sekhar, I know the reason for Manju's headache, first ask her to  wear an ordinary one instead of the diamond one!'

But how can that be the reason for her headache Ragav, I can't understand?

'Just do as I say, and see the result for yourself !'

'OK done, let me try, By the way, how come you suddenly came out with this?'

'Nothing, thanks to Kanyakumari.'

What Kanyakumari? From where to where?

How can I explain, I just switched on  TV, on the Culture channel they were showing about the Kanyakumari temple and how her nose ring guided sailors who came by ship to the shore at night. So, I just calculated  2 +2 = 4 .

 He further added, '' This is quite  possible that due to the reflection of the nose ring,she ended up with head ache. So try, trial costs nothing. Let's see, Good night!''

*                              *                                    *                                     *
Within three days, there was improvement in Manju and both thanked Ragav for helping her out with the headache.Manju decided to wear the diamond nose ring only for occasions. 

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