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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hanuman Vadaa


 5 glasses of urad dal,
1 teaspoon raw rice,
2 tablespoons pepper
salt to taste.
water to grind.

Plastic covers which make noise when you touch them or squeeze them and not the bread or vegetable plastic covers. Use worst come soaked and water drained wet towel .

Take 5 glasses urad dal and soak it with a teaspoon rice exactly for an hour.

After an hour wash only thrice [ the pisukku would go if you wash more than three times]

Drain and keep.

After ten minutes grind first a cup with pepper and salt, you may add water now. Add salt only in the beginning if you add later it would become soggy.

Keep this aside, and now grind the rest in the same manner but sprinkling water every now and then.

Once finished mix all together.
 Heat oil .
Now make small balls of same size and count and keep , it would come to somewhere around 111.
Wipe the plastic sheet with wet cloth or with wet palms.
Flatten these on the plastic paper  and make a big hole.

Once the oil is ready take out these vadas and place them gently in the kadai as you do any other vadas ,[ no throwing like bajji.]
You can put maximum and see that they are frequently turned to  get cooked properly.

Remove and collect and choose the good ones and make a malai out of it and offer to Lord Hanumanji.

Jai Bhajrangapalli, Jai Anjaneya.

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