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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beauty Tips

Apply a mix of honey and carrot juice on your face to soften the rough surface of the skin. 
Apply a thick paste made up of turmeric, tomato juice, lemon juice on dark circles to get rid of them. Mix cucumber juice with honey and apply below the eyes to get rid of the dark circles.
Apply a tiny bit of tooth paste on the pimple in the morning brings quick relief.
Apply black beans and fenugreek paste two three times a week for healthy hair.
Avocado oil is useful in treating skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.
Avoid using tap water if you have a dry skin, instead use mineral water.
Beetroots are less in calories and are effective incurring skin problems.
Boil neem leaves in water and use this water to wash your face and hands, this will act as guard against prickly heat boils.
For normal to oily skin, take a very ripe banana one teaspoon honey and lemon juice. Mix and apply the mask for 10 minutes.
Guava has high contents of vitamin A; C and potassium that help tighten wrinkles.
Include nuts and seeds that contain zinc in your  pregnancy diet to prevent stretch marks.
Mix mashed cucumber with glycerin and apply on sunburn for instant relief.

Apply a mix of honey and lime juice on sunburn affected areas.

Dilute one part of tree oil with 10 parts of olive oil and apply on the skin to prevent sunburns. 
Mix the juice of with lemon with equal part rose water. Apply on acne and let it stay for half an hour for instant remedy.
Mix turmeric into your face cream and apply on problem areas. It’s an effective remedy for skin spots, acne and dryness. 
Rub milk cream and sugar granules on dry skin to soften it.
Rubbing the ice cubes on your face tightens the pores and increases blood circulation.
Soak a cotton bud in olive oil and run it over your eye lashes at night to make them grow longer and thicker.
To cure burning eyes, apply fresh cream over them.

To get rid of dark circles mix papaya with cucumber pulp and apply the mixture below your eyes.
To get rid of facial hair, rub a mixture of turmeric and milk wash off after it dries.
To revive hardened eye pencils, roll the tip in a spot of moisturizer, baby oil or olive oil. It will glide effortlessly.
To rid of puffiness of eyelids, gently rub them with castor oil.
To sharpen an eye pencil without breaking the tip, pop it in the freezer a few hours before you need it.
To soften your nails and cuticles, soak your hands in a bowl of warm olive oil.
To use dry mascara, submerge the closed tube in warm water. The mascara inside will melt.
To weld back a broken lipstick, hover the broken bit over a burning candle and then stick it back on to the stick.
Vodka rids your feet of the odors, soak a cloth in and clean your heels after a day of wearing closed shoes.
Wash your eyes with tulsi leaves soaked in water to heal conjunctivitis, also soak a small handkerchief in turmeric water and when it is wet use it to pat dry your eyes if you are suffering from conjunctivitis.
When waxing at home apply tooth numbing cream on the skin half an hour before waxing, it will be less painful.

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