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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Power Cuts Spent wisely....

With the summer approaching, frequent power cut cuts one's power . If the concerned authorities announce the timings of power cut one can easily have the cake and eat it too. 

Planned Schedule:

First of all one has to plan well in advance for any untoward problems at home. So better chalk out a programme and prioritize the tasks to be done so that you do not end up a lame duck. Secondly stress the importance of value of the power when it is available to the family members and see that they also plan to avoid disappointment.Make hay while the sun shines!

Home makers can grind, iron , fill water from purifiers, heat water for bath ahead of the regular timings, and do the other non power chores when there is no power supply.It's better to list the things to do in the absence of power cut. Its necessity is the mother of invention.

Family Time:

Best family time is during power cuts if it coincides with all members present especially in the evening time. Parents can recall pleasant memories from their past, introduce other relatives, talk about their good nature, once in a while can have a candle night dinner why to go to hotels when you can make it attractive at home?

Apart from this, if it's a day time, one can utilize the time by cutting vegetables, cleaning rice and provisions, gardening, repairing or stitching old torn clothes, returning a long pending courtesy call, doing some exercise / yoga, catching up with reading either a newspaper or magazines, playing word building games, make the kids learn multiplication tables, rhymes, chant slokas, sing bhajans, exchange one's knowledge by discussing important news items read or heard with others as sharing always adds to the knowledge bank.

Occasional self pampering one with pedicure,manicure at home , reviving the art of letter writing, best of all dusting or cleaning the electrical and electronic items after un-plugging can be done.

Where else will one get a right time to do all these things! One can also lessen the current bill. Now go ahead and make it the best possible time utilized to the fullest.

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