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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Personal Care

Many of the kids do not know how to take bath on their own unless and until the parents demonstrate them.

Firstly when they take bath, they should apply soap in the joint regions like groins, elbow joints, knee joints and around the neck.They neither use soap nor wipe properly.

It is advisable to stand up and apply soap, even though girls are normally advised to take bath sitting.

Majority of readers would come up in arms against to counter react, but it is true that during our time we were told to do so.

[I will give the explanation also, those days there was no proper bathrooms except make shift ones mainly lacking in height, being ladies the upper portion should not be seen so might have advised to do so sitting. ]

Next is cleaning the nostrils, when it's soft and wet it becomes easy to clean. A majority of kids do it in front of others, it's disgusting.

Gargling in the same hot water prevents one from getting throat infections, also rinsing in hot water makes the mouth and teeth clean. They should also clean their bottoms as they do after 'potty' with bath water.Washing one's feet is essential as bare feet is used to the maximum.It should be made a practice to wash feet and hands soon after coming from outside.

We might have seen [men and women ]those who are fat and plump would have darkness around their necks , this is mainly because they do not apply and scrub their neck. For some ladies it could be due to skin allergy or the artificial jewelery they wear.The best solution is to apply buttermilk mixed with rice flour daily may be 10 minutes before bath or in the evenings.

Once in a while adding some salt or eucalyptus oil to the bath water helps in removing body aches.

It must be a surprise to hear but it's true. One of my grand nephews who is in plus two told me that he does not know to wash his back body, reason he thought it was difficult as his hands won't reach! Later I explained it by showing him and how to wipe his back also using the towel!

If they use the soap, they should clean it if it's shared because some are in the habit of using the soap directly to their body.

Even if servants or washing machines are used for washing the clothes, it is advisable for kids to wash lightly their undergarments before putting them for wash.

Habits once formed remains with them .Catch them young.

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