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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missing and Found

When my son Arjun  nee Karthik, was just a year old, in 1979, we went to the family deity in Tiruchendur in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. We were in Raipur[ Chathisgarh / M.P ] and he knew only Hindi.

As usual we stayed in one pundit's place, my husband decided to got to the sea and take bath and he went with my son Karthik. And within a few minutes he came back saying that he forgot the soap box and went back a few steps suddenly he remembered our son missing!

He immediately shouted and called his name and the entire street people gathered and we told him that he was wearing a pyjama and jibba in light blue colour and was tonsured [ mottai] . WE did not know what to do and he knew only Hindi and those people there, no one knew Hindi. How are we to find him, and we did not have a photo of him also.

Finally the pundit's grand son who was my son's age ran like wind and finally found him around 3 furlong away from our street!

Then only we could breathe, and thank God that he was not last in Tirupathy otherwise we would not have got him.

*                          *                              *                             *                 *
Next time when he was 13 yrs old we visited Bannergatta National Park , Bangalore in 1991 along with two of my brothers and their family from Hosur [ T.N] apart from my family of son, daughter and husband in two cars.

After visiting the park,we came to Bangalore city to have dinner and we parked the car near LalBagh and walked towards the hotel. In the mean time my daughter wanted balloons and my husband took her.I was under the impression that Karthik was with him.After ten minutes we all assembled to go to a hotel for dinner, we noticed he was missing.All hell broke loose and my husband blaming me, my brothers blaming and each one was blaming each one.

Finally we decided to take responsibility of each child [ all the three couples have two kids each ] while looking for him so that we do not lose them and somehow we felt that we should find out from the car drivers also. when we went to enquire ,Arjun  was there in one of the cars.

He always had a fascination for numbers and till now we do not know how and what made him remember the car number [ both Ambassadors] and like a flash once he learnt that he has lost track of us went and sat in the car!

then we were all praise for him and no fight and we had our dinner leisurely and peacefully and reached Hosur by 1 am.

God is Great that we could be with him.

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