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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dress care for girls .

It's summer time and many parents would plan to travel to  many places thro'train, plane,bus ,car etc.Many may or may not agree but whatever I am writing is from my experience  of traveling and from what I have seen.                                
Nothimg to feel bad about it because these thngs do happen it may not be you may be someone.It's important to observe the dress code for kids at the same time not to put then in  discomfort.Let me make things clear,keeping the summer people prefer thin cotton and frock or modern dresses while travelling for obvious reasons.                                                        
Personally I have seen parents not paying attention to girls   esp during train journeys,coz the girls keep moving from upper to lower and side berths in their tiny frocks without even knowing that there are other co passengers of all ages. Secondly though the frocks [ as the name short ] are short, the panties these girls wear sometimes are ill fitted and do not cover the purpose,neither the girls are aware of     it. Even when they sit with their legs up to read or play, they do not cover their knees with the frock.                        
Pay attention to the minute details like the   mode of travel and the panties and the importance of in- skirts for any dresses.All the tops can be worn esp.during traveling along  with the sports bra so that the curves are not seen.              
I feel  even adults who wear salwar -kameez and  kurtis  should wear slips so that the designer bras are not exposed to others.I remember a lady doctor advised some            parents including me in nursery parenting that all girls upto  the age of 15 should be made to wear bloomers [ a kind ofpanty with frills and covers like shorts and not the usual panty] in fact many schools have made it a rule for girls to   wear bloomers compulsory, this not only protects them from being exposed but also prevents them from getting  urinary infections. [I studied in Sarah Tucker College in   Tirunelveli in 1971 and we had bloomers compulsory for games classes even though it was a women's college. ]We might have observed kids playing in the park sand with no in-skirts/slips or bloomers and their bottoms directly getting in contact with the sand and mud!Some girls wear         tights or jeans with a short kurtis / tops and keep on pulling behind to cover their back, why is it so? get a long one or let them not be conscious of it.                                                      
Next is when they wear the chudidar or salwar the purpose   of the dupatta is to cover the chest and not to wrap it around  their neck, [like Lord Shiva's snake.] they think it's     a fashion but apart from serving the purpose when the  ladies bend to  pull or push their luggage, their cleveage can be seen by co- passengers, why is it so? Children learn       from the parents and dressing sense comes from seeing  others. At nights irrespective of whether one is travelling or at home it  should be made as a habit to wear a pyjama to    protect them from mosquitoes and child abuse in trains.           
We have heard and seen many cases where the one who is  in  upper or lower berth teases the girls sleeping in lower or  upper berths at night and many cases were booked in  running  trains, why should we make our kids the easy preys when it  is in our hands. Even when we go to our relatives places, we should be cautious, nothing is certain who is what, who has hidden the devil in him!And next thing is to   make the girls to know how to sit on the chair, sofa, on the  floor, in public places with the type of dresses they wear. It's better if the  parents make their girls know rather than others pointing  them the 'how' of it.                                                             


  1. I completely go with your thoughts and agree.

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