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Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Factory

  Here I am furnishing the link to what appeared as mentioned in the title .


After reading ,though I appreciate the well wishers who volunteer  ' to rent their womb' for the childless couples who due to reasons known to them, opt for this procedure.
 On the other hand, from the  accompanying photo we could make out the prospective mothers are quite happy ,may be because they are into a 'rich harvest ' at the cost of leaving their family for almost nine months.
But they are surely playing with their emotions, in the long run it may scare them with nightmares!

With the advancement of technology, one wonders where are we going to have the full stops?

Secondly as per the survey many career oriented couples do not want to undergo the long carrying process, so conveniently opt for this system. Will they be able to give the special bondage the umbilical cord gives?!
When they do not have the time to bear with the pregnancy why do they want to have the child at all in the first place?

Do you call this ethical or unethical?

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