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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Journey -

Normally people keep going on vacation during summer. All of us eagerly wait for it to happen, at the same time when one comes back, it should not be a bad time to see the house in disorder. Here are a few tips.

As soon as you have planned to go and booked the tickets, take out your bags and suitcases and check whether they require any reapirs, get them done do not post pone what you can do today to tomorrow, no one has seen tomorrow all have seen yesterday's tomorrow. 

Summer time so definitely one needs to have the fridge on till one leaves, so you keep it on but before you leave, remove all perishable things out and either give it off or consume them. Plan it in such a way that you buy only what is needed.

Once it is cleaned, let the non perishable remain, remove the plug from the socket, dry the fridge by putting turkey towel or thick cloth to absorb water. Finally, keep the doors slightly ajar by placing a stool or chair to the door and cover the whole fridge with a bed sheet so that dust does not get into it when you come back.

Securely close the windows and ventilators so that none tampers with it. Placing some news papers in the gap between windows while closing does not allow dust to enter. Remove all plugs from the sockets and if possible switch off the main supply to avoid any fire accidents or short circuits happening in your absence. 

Dry and clean the grains once before going, this will also help in finding out whether they have got insects and worms in them. Close all jars air tight. Spread big bed shetts on sofas beds and dining table and chairs. They can be used immediately after you come home, as everyone must be damn tired .
Keep the kitchen sink dry and clean.

Place naphthalene balls in all cup boards, shelfs, sinks, wash basins, and commodes. Keep ‘vasmabhu’ [in Tamizh ] tied in a piece of cloth near food items to prevent moisture. 

Disconnect telephone, internet connections wires.

Inform the paper fellow, servant maids, milkman etc in advance of your absence.
Give one set of keys along with the mobile numbers of the family members who are on vacation apart from giving one permanent address and phone numbers of an immediate family member [with name and relation ]to your neighbor.

Provide them with the details of the train or flight with the date of journey in case of any untoward happenings would be of much help. It’s better to think f the worst but wish and pray for the best! 

If you are leaving your four, two wheelers then inform them to keep an eye on it. Request them to collect your posts and couriers so that they do not give off signs to looters and thieves, also if you are particularly expecting any couriers give them the details. Always gift them liberally something useful when you come back for their kind gesture. 

[Personally we have told our neighbors where we have kept the keys of them for removing or replacing somewhere in case of heavy downpour, fire or to allow trucks of neighbors to enter.]

Before starting your journey, make a check list of things to carry, to do at home etc and keep ticking once they are ready. List your valuables and keep them safely in the bank locker. Do not keep any valuables at home, never wait for the previous day to any last minute shopping or going to the bank, in our country we do not know when Bharat bandh will be called for. Apart from individual mobile chargers, take the multi- cell charger- in one [available for Rs 125 / ]. 

To avoid getting confused with other chargers, write your initials on a small finger size paper and roll it and staple it in the chord of the cell or you get plastic alphabet stickers, stick them on the chargers, you can be safe of yours not getting mixed up. We always make it a point to do esp. when we meet together for any functions. 

A must in your list are medicines -common and individual, umbrellas, locks and keys for rooms, medical insurance cards, credit cards, ID cards, Xerox of ID card extra passport size photos [ everywhere with e’ ticket ] extra bags and nylon ropes to tie in case the handles break.

Before keeping anything in your suitcase or bags always spread a plastic cover at the bottom, this would not allow any water get into your bag esp in trains people keep pouring or spill water in the compartments. 

It’s always advisable to inform the nearest police station if it’s an independent house or villa for security.

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