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Friday, June 24, 2011

Which side is Greener?

Ambujam finally got irritated and gathered enough courage to ask her rebellious daughter Ragini. What is that you expect from us while your sister Padmini listened to us from the word ‘go?’

 ‘Do I have to answer you, how many times have I told you not to compare Padmini with me, she is a fool to listen to you even now!’

 ‘What is wrong with her, she is happily settled in New Jersey, managing her kids well with a job and earning in Dollars?’

‘That’s what you see, I neither want an ‘Americanized husband’, nor want to go anywhere’.

‘But why? All your cousins are in States and they have good reputation and we can visit you once in a while. We will also be happy and proud of you both.’

‘If I say no means ‘no’.’

 ‘But what is the logic, there should be something in your mind, people recommend boys in States and I find it difficult to say ‘no’ to them.’

‘If you insist, ok here it is. First of all I cannot slog like Padmini doing the house hold work, managing the office and kids.’ 

‘Didn’t you hear when she said that her husband hardly helps her as he is busy with his frequent touring jobs, apart from ferrying the kids, supervising their studies Padmini has to go to work and with no servant to help her out has to do all by herself.’  

 ‘And during festival time she has to cook all Indian food items all alone as they are not available in the open market.’  

‘What is the use of minting in Dollars if you can’t find a servant to help you out? ‘
‘I prefer a husband ‘truly Indian’. With both our earnings we can very well hire a cook, keep a driver, have two cars, and live in a joint family with in-laws happily.’ 

‘The days we cannot cook there is always hotel or caterers. I would look for a father –in-law who is still in -service so that he and his wife are independent.’ 

‘We can shower them with love; joint family would give room for saving for both the father and son, we can be together at the same time having space for each one of us.’
‘Mixing with friends and relatives now and then on occasions would be happier moments to cherish with.’

‘You and appa are always there whenever I want to come and see you.’ ‘I can get the same reputation and respect from all by living here in any part of India!’

‘I do not believe in visiting home once in two years would boost your energy for the rest of two years!’ ‘So, stop brain washing me to accept Americanized husbands, is it ok for you?’ 

‘Now go and get me a cup of coffee, I have severe head ache, do you think by being in America I can pamper myself like this right royally?’

‘Please ma, please’, she patted her mother Ambujam. 

Ambujam was speechless and she needs to gather herself from what Ragini has just said, how is that she never thought in this angle?


  1. Posted by: dipshikha
    On: 26th June 2011 06:09 AM

    wow mathangikkumar mam , very nicely written with a good message in it. Ragini sticked to her indian values and indian ways of thinking which is very much right for her . Her very thoughts reveals that she has profound respect for marraige , inlaws and parents .She will go a long way in life valuing her married life with love , respect and care because she has an adjusting nature and a mature mind .
    Re: Which side is Greener?
    Posted by: Padhmu
    On: 26th June 2011 10:17 AM

    wow! very beautiful story with good message. Ragini is a different girl honouring Indian culture, love by nature and clear in her views. good one.
    Re: Which side is Greener?
    Posted by: mathu903
    On: 26th June 2011 09:29 PM

    Short and sweet but hit the nail at the right place and with the right force! :)
    Only the ones who are abroad know how it is like to slog everyday without any form of help. You earn a lot but you definitely pay the price!

  2. Superb one!! Very neatly written and so very true :). Very aptly titled - Akkaraikku ikkarai pachchai !

  3. Posted by: prana
    On: 29th June 2011 12:35 AM

    Good one Mam...
    Re: Which side is Greener?
    Posted by: ILoveTulips
    On: 29th June 2011 04:19 AM

    Nethi Adi - for people like me...

    I do think in the angle like Ragini, but the petty software industry culture ties me here and somehow that makes me to overlook all other things that Ragini said!

    All you said was true indeed and very thoughtful, dear mam!

    Re: Which side is Greener?
    Posted by: vidukarth
    On: 29th June 2011 08:33 AM

    really nice..i wish i had ragini's opinion a few years back
    in my case it was the other way, parents wanted me to be in India and i chose the other side.. but now longing to get back..